Gooseberry: A Day in the Life of Gecko Animation


Ben Simonds and Jonathan Lax

As part of my coverage of project Gooseberry, I have asked every participating studio to share a peek into their daily lives. With teams all over the world, this is going to give us an amazing little insight into the diversity of the different cultures that will melt together in the movie.

We’re starting the series with Gecko Animation from London, England.

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Developer Meeting at the Blender Institute

developer meeting amsterdam

A small group of developers is meeting this afternoon in Amsterdam at the Blender Institute to discuss requirements for Gooseberry. From left to right:  Monique Dewanchand, Francesco Siddi, Yours truly, Lukas Tönne, Brecht Van Lommel, Antony Riakiotakis and just outside the picture there’s Jeroen Bakker. Ton took the picture :) We’re discussing the Redcurrant asset management/project management/collaboration tools, the animation and physics pipeline, the rendering and compositing pipeline and whatever else catches our attention (which tends to be a lot ;-)