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Quick Tip: Displacement Modifier

Spelle is back with another Quick Tip!

Spelle writes:

How to create a stone in Blender procedurally, using Displacement modifier? In this video, we'll explore layering Displacement modifier to produce large, medium and small scale details on our rock. Also we'll prove one more time, that everything is better with stalactites.

Can't wait to see your procedural creations!

Music: Wake up (Instrumental Version) by Josh Woodward (Instrumental Versions)


  • Politicsarebs

    Great tip, but if I may I don't know about others, but I have real issue with music playing during a tutorial of any kind. Yes I know I can turn volume down, however don't make me please? A crappy mic and voice is better than any on screen notes, although I do love the notes as well to reference. Again let me say amazing tip and I really appreciate good ones like this.

    • Brian Lockett

      " A crappy mic and voice is better than any on screen notes..."

      Isn't that quite relative? Personally, I don't think that's necessarily true. His videos are aiming to be short, concise and direct--for this purpose, annotations work well enough. Sometimes it cuts to the chase.

      Though, it's such a minor issue (as you said, you can adjust the volume--it's just a 3-minute video, after all), and some folks actually feel the opposite--I've seen some here who prefer as little talking as possible and as much info streamlined as possible.

      Personally for me, esp. with shorter videos, I'd rather the creator create what's most convenient for them--just to see them produce at a regular rate.

    • Mark

      I believe people nowadays really lost the sense of what sharing means. Unfortunately Social Networks and bad habits took people to get everything taken for granted. We're just overwhelmed by information that we don't think where that information comes from and how much work did it take to get it done. Preparing a tutorial takes time, time of someone's life.
      Sorry, don't want to sound rude, but I just think we should be more respectful when someone shares something with the rest of the community.
      Politicsarebs, you wrote that you can just turn the volume down, so what's the matter? It doesn't take too much, right?

    • MrBippies

      I remember when it was hard to find Blender tutorials at all. I had to walk uphill both ways through a perpetual blizzard in my bare feet just to get to a Blender tutorial back in those days. Had my left foot amputated three times! Hard enough dealing with the snow raptors ambushing you every 10 minutes with two good feet, try doing it while one foot is still growing back! Darn ungrateful kids these days!! *shakes cane*

    • Politicsarebs

      Hehe I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings, I get your points :) I agree they are short and to the point, just a personal interest to not have music playing during it.

  • Spelle

    Hey, you're welcome and thanks for opinion! I think I'll handle it and squeeze a sound from myself. :)

  • Thunder11

    Wow I am impressed! I've seen procedurally generated terrain before but this is a step up. Keep up the great work

  • Brian Lockett

    I love Spelle's videos. They're not only concise and to-the-point, but they're exhibiting workflows that are right up my alley and complement my kind of thinking. I like being creative and resourceful with the modifiers, and Spelle brings out some nice tips. Nice one, Spelle!

    • Spelle

      Thanks, Brian. Agree with you, presenting material in a short bursts should have its niche. Though, speech over tutorial seems like another possibility.
      Another interesting topic is - what about those who perceive the material best in visual form?

      • Brian Lockett

        I guess that's where the nice option of having options come into play. :)

  • Timothy Liddy

    Spelle, thanks for this and all of your previous videos. I really enjoy them and find the information incredibly helpful! Keep up the great work!!

    • Spelle

      sure! thanks, Timothy

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