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Molecular addon: snow ball test

A test by PyroEvil of his Molecular add-on.

PyroEvil writes:

A little test to achieve this kind of effect with my addon:

Not really near of that but not too bad for a first try with a small amount of time to tweak it. The snow is probably too sticky and for sure , missing a lot of particles to achieve the same resolution.


  • Numbers of particles: 400 000
  • Numbers of frames: 180
  • substep: 32
  • Simulation time: 96 sec / frame (6.0 hours )
  • RenderTime : 4min / frame (14 hours)



  • Philipp Russia

    wow you should work on that script it looks already pretty good but still needs much improvement

  • Spelle

    Very perspective addon. Glad you're developing it.

  • Wayne Jones

    With the ground snow, you could use the Dynamic paint.
    This would reduce the amount of particles used and perhaps make simulation times faster.
    I feel it would also give you more particles to play with in the case of the snowball and snowman.
    Hope that helps?

    Wonderful work, keep it up!

    • PyroEvil

      Good point , not sure about the dynamic paint things but you give me some idea to optimise these simulation. Now a test with 1.7millions of particles is calculate with the same resulotion I got with 3.2 million

  • Kirill Trideshny

    Will it be significantly faster calculating under C?

    • PyroEvil

      thanks a lot. Yes , I never code this project to be physically accurate. I'm not a dev, just a artist that learn coding for fun in the last two-three years. I don't change my code to do this, just use and tweak the parameter. So from the beginning , anybody can do this kind of "effect" with my addon. it's coming from a challenge then somes friend give to me last week after see the disney video.

      • Kirill Trideshny

        I guess that many cool 3d apps were started by artists :) So who knows, maybe some time later your Molecular will be developed to something cooler and more complex. We'll see what Lukas Toenne will do with nodes.

        • PyroEvil

          If Blender go with nodal particles like the branch of Lukas does and have enough math nodes and the system is enough flexible , it's for sure I do a node version of molecular. If you see on my channel , I already test a bit the version of Lucas nodes particles systems.

    • PyroEvil

      Oh and I forgot , code it with cython (python C extension ) give a code 100-200 times faster with multithreaded.

      • Kirill Trideshny

        Already or it will be done in future? (yes, I've heard about cython).

        • PyroEvil

          Already coded with cython and multithreaded too.

  • foremancr

    Great job. This will certainly give the user more tools to work with....

  • Eli Spizzichino

    Those two ref video from disney show a very wet snow, it doesn't attach to it self in layers like this normally

  • Utopia780

    First of all great work PyroEvil!!
    The Molecular script is amazing!

    Second.. what about a tutorial? I find your addon a little hard to understand..

    • Greg

      I think we'd all rather him spend his time developing the code further than making a tutorial for us noobs :)

      • Bart Veldhuizen

        Good point. Also, a good developer isn't necessarily a good tutorial writer. You need people who are curious to find out how things work, can come up with an appealing application and then write a short and to the point guide. I loved doing that stuff when Blender was just released, but it takes a ton of time :)

        • Utopia780

          Yep.. your are both right!

  • Roberto Locatelli

    This stuff can become a Revolution in the CG world. For now, all objects that we make are empty, and this is a great difference between the physic world and the 3d world. With this technics, this characteristics change, 3d world also shall be molecules like the physical world.

  • PyroEvil

    Hi, thanks a lot to everybody for great comments.

    3 video tutorials are now available from yesterday. I agree with Bart , I'm not good to make tutorials :) but hope you like it. I probably present to BlenderNation a article for this tutorials when I'm ready (in few days ... I suppose to present this video in this article too but somebody is faster then me. ) to officially announce the release of my addon ( I don't think to continue to work on it for now and start a new project ). Just to mention I not touch to the code for about 2-3month and this effect is done by ajusting the right settings. So this effects is possible to make from the beginning of my addon developpement. Just to mention I never intended to be accurate like Disney ;o) I dev my own "physics" that probably not "physically" accurate but more versatil to make different kind of effects. I'm a artist more than a dev, I learning to code in the last two years. A fun experience. A version of this video with more resolution is coming.

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Brilliant, thanks! Okay, I'll wait until I hear from you before I properly publish these then :)

      • PyroEvil

        hahaha no problem with this ;) I just realize it when I see my video go up to 5k views in 1day and a friend tell me I have a article about my video on CGChannel. :)

        • Bart Veldhuizen

          Congratulations :)

  • ?????? ??????????

    You are most dangerouse for Autodesk and Disney

  • Superyards

    fascinating watch, thanks for posting

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