Developer Meeting Notes, July 14, 2013

blender_logo_shinyExpect Blender 2.68 to be released this Thursday!

Ton Roosendaal writes:

Hi all,

Here’s a summary of today’s meeting in #blendercoders.

1) Blender 2.68 release status

  • Bug tracker still at 115 open reports. No showstopper reports (things that used to work in previous release(s)).
  • Sergey Sharybin likes a bit of time to fix 2 reports.
  • Ton Roosendaal checks add-node error for HiDPI screens, Lukas Toenne is around to assist.
  • Proposal: wednesday release-ahoy, thursday release! Also means the logs would get ready then.
  • Splash – reminder to Bassam Kurdali to contact Ton!

2) Other projects

3) GSoC

  • Sergey has first threaded Object update work. On his 4 core system speedup was between factor 2-3. Tested with robot attack scene from ToS and a bunch of BBB chinchillas.
  • Ton has been sending out warnings to students – it’s very important to communicate well about progress, especially with good docs and daily well logged commits.
  • Midterm evaluation starts in two weeks. Students should make sure their planning and deliverables matches what was agreed on. Check for more info on the list here.



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  • Hammers

    Always exciting waiting on the next release. Go devs! Looking forward to hearing more about the prospect of OpenSubdiv soon too. :)

  • BigPilot

    OpenSubDiv would be great to have in Blender. Thank you Pixar!

  • roofoo

    Could someone please explain what OpenSubDiv is in layman’s terms?

    • roofoo

      Nevermind! I saw the next article explains it. lol

  • Ammusionist

    Can I suggest as a developer, that a “Showstopper” is a bug report that would prevent you from releasing the update; a “Regression bug” is one in which a prior feature no longer works. Love your work though, just being pedantic.