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CG Masters Videotutorial Competition

cg masters tutorial competition

Here's an intiative that will be benefitial to the entire Blender community: CG Masters is challending you to share your Blender knowledge and create a videotutorial.

CG Masters write:

There are a lot of skilled Blender artists out there, and it's time to share your knowledge. The goal is simple, create the best video tutorial you can. There's no theme for the tutorials, just think of something you're good at and teach us how to do it! If you're good at special effects, teach us how to make fire. If you're good at animating, teach us how to make a clown juggle. Anything goes! The final video should be within 20-60 minutes long and in english. You can submit multiple entries but only one entry per person can place in the top 3(although all of your entries will still be considered for honorable mentions). Entries must be new content, and must also use the current version of Blender to ensure the information is current.



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