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Sintel "I Move On" Viola Cover

By Aaron Mertzenich.


  • Bearubs

    Bravo! Encore!

  • Sender

    Bravo .

  • rickisen

    Wow! The things you can do as a quadruplet...

  • SRoach

    That's very clever, and very well done.
    I wish he'd gone ahead and worked out Front, Side and Top, but it looks like he used a laptops' integrated camera. I wouldn't want to risk dropping my laptop from a makeshift ceiling rig either.

  • beta-tester

    wow, well done!
    i think, it must be very difficult to keep in sync between the four different takes without any acoustical feedback from the other takes. or is that basic skill for a musician - i am not one... anyhow, i think it wasn't as easy as it looks, doing that.

    • rbn

      He's using his previous recordings (earplugs), so he can just play along. Else it would be virtually impossible (at least it would be for me, and most other musicians).

      Still, this is quite a skilled player from what I can tell. So definetally not as easy as it looks! ;)

  • Tom Telos

    Exquisite.   ^_^

  • JFRobot

    Clever! Very clever!
    That's an instrument ive always wanted to play.

  • Reynante Martinez

    Biases aside, one of the best songs yet. And you played it really well here. It's just hard to keep a steady focus when I see all four (or three) playing at the same camera angle. ;)

    Otherwise, really really great!


  • JacobF

    Thanks for doing this and putting it together, I enjoyed it a lot.

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