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Project London is Raising Funds (Again)

The Project London team is raising funds to allow them to release the movie.


  • Ludovic_L

    Wow. Sincerely the 3d graphics are really great. I think that I've heard of this project once but did not follow it. But seems to me that a lot of work have been put in there.

    Congrats to the whole team that have worked on it and I wish you all the best and success for fund raising.

    I'm going on your website to check out more.

  • polygonesrus

    wasnt this supposed to be released about a year ago.

  • FloridaJo

    Great work! Just a philosophical question though; if the funds are not raised, does that mean you're not going to release the completed finished film?

  • Sender

    she is cute .

  • M1C4HTRON13

    I love Ian :D

  • Blendiac

    Man I love the look of this, especially the video clip. This is exactly the kind of project Blender needs (along with the open movies) to get visibility and traction in the wider VFX scene.

  • blazraidr

    Ian reminds me of Barney from HIMYM!

  • Nathan Ferguson

    Looks Amazing :D Can't wait to watch it!!!1

  • Kushukov

    Jennifer Page from gamers 1 and 2, and also from JourneyQuest! I loved those movies! Does it mean that Gamers 3 and JQ season 3 are done?

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