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By The Magnificent Itch. Modelled and UVed in Blender with animation in Maya

Stefan Wernik writes:

A short film for those who hate them! (Mondays not films.)

Urgh! Monday again... Ever had one of those jobs?

A new short written, directed and animated by the team at The Magnificent Itch. Monday was modelled and UVed in Blender with animation in Maya. Blender is part of the pipeline at our company and has been used for all but one of the commercials we've produced. We intend to experiment with it more and more in future projects. A second instalment of the unfortunate saga of Dirk is on it's way, tentatively called 'Tuesday'.


  • Directed by Stefan Wernik and Guy Jamieson
  • Produced by Lisa Madden
  • Texturing by Mary Benn
  • Character Modelling by Tristan Lock
  • Modelling by Wayne Osborne
  • Character Rigging by Chris Dardis
  • Character Design by Gennaro Morra
  • 2D Animation by Toby Pederson
  • Music and Sound Design by Jimmi Carr


  1. This video alone proves Blender has very big issues regarding it's core feature: rendering. Good looking animation rendering was never possible in Blender and mostly due to people that always said "oh you can fake this and that" so modern illumination features were never implemented in the internal.

    Now we have Cycles and due to Blender Institute - Nvidia partnership we cannot render anything in less than one year (not even with Nvidia cards). While other GPU renderers work with OpenCL without any problem, Blender users are forced to buy crappy expensive Nvidia cards. So much for open source software..

    We've asked for Hair, for SSS and irradiance caching, yet these features are constantly delayed.

    Blender users will continue to do what they've always did: model and texture with Blender and render with any other proprietary software.

    They will never buy Nvidia cards.

    • Buy some cheap 100$ NV card and take it easy! :)
      Dev. Guys make everything to improve Blender's render engine. So, please, don't disrespect this!

      • I think you missed my point. I've been using Blender for 8 years so I know what I am talking about. I had 3 GTX 590 and with all the possible tricks known (tweaking materials rays, etc.) it's not possible to render something full HD without waiting for days for a single image. Sure if you render cubes or cars it works but not for real production environments.

        I am a blenderhead but for the last 2 years Blender tries as hard as possible to be like Apple by telling its users what's good for them.

        No evil intended but let's not become sheep just because we use open source software.

        • I see your point but... are you familiar with coding in C and Python?
          Also you can walk by other ways. Using Blender for modelling only is a very good example. You can always use other render engines. It's not prohibited.
          I've used Cycles professionally to earn money (this year I did one pretty big job). Using Cycles + Renderfarm (don't remember now it's name) is pretty cheap. So... it's profitably!
          Only one thing I'm really missing - fast and good caustics.
          Don't need to push on developers. They're making a lot of job. I've seen a very bad tech. support in Luxology. So I decided to not using Modo - I'm not ready to pay about 600$ every half-year for new buggy features. They just not answering when you write about bugs. So.. what's here? You have a lot of opportunities to communicate with developers and suggest everything you want and help them. It's Open Source as I get it - not about sheeps.

      • It would appear that way.

        Still, I want to try to salvage something from it, if I can find out what the issue of dealing with the OpenCL codebase developers really is... are they difficult to get help from in general or are they just very uneven in regards to whom they give the most technical support to?

  2. Chuckles... nice work. I like the artistic style.

    Request to have maverick99s comment ex-sponged! Obviously, he knows 0

    • Actually, no... I think it's less useful to remove something than to turn something positive from it. In this case, there is something in the GPU discussion that I missed along the line that the comment reminds me that I need to ask and find out. What is the barrier that the OpenCL people have with the Blender foundation, if and assuming it's true that the other GPU rendering companies aren't experiencing this? What is it that makes the relationship between OpenCL and another company productive?

      • Indeed everybody missed the part regarding what exactly is wrong with current AMD OpenCL implementation.

        There are around 270k downloads on a blender build. Let's all starve for a day and donate $1 to Blender Institute. They get $270.000.

        Let's starve for 10 days (ironic) and give them $10.
        They make $2.7 million, enough to buy whatever hardware they need, pay a lot of developers and break the partnership with Nvidia. In return they also get a partnership with AMD which will sell a lot of cheap powerful cards.

        We do this every year and everybody is happy. Except for Nvidia of course who deserves this for killing the GPU rendering dream.

  3. I am missing what maverick99 is saying.

    The short to me is very well done and certainly has a artistic feel to it. I quite liked it and felt it highlights what blender can do very nicely.

  4. Yes, clearly projects like Sintel, Project London and Tears of Steel show that professional production work is impossible on Blender, and the forthcoming release of 2.65 shows no improvements at all. Of course this all matters because professional pipelines only ever utilize one tool. (Yes, that was all sarcasm).

    Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

    (BTW I loved the painted look of the textures and the character design. Great work!)

  5. I think the animation is pretty good, and the thing that it proves is that Blender can be used in professional pipelines.

    Maverick99, says no Blender user will buy Nvidia cards, and says he has 3 GTX 590. What is the point in wasting money in " crappy" hardware ?

    • I said I HAD 3 590. I've sold them after trying for too long.

      @Blendiac: Sintel uses the old internal and if you ever stop the video on many scenes you will be horrified by how the light and materials look (however the artists did a wonderful job with a very limited tool). Tears of Steal uses Cycles in a minimalist way, but indeed the compositor was put to heavy work.

      • So why don't you use some third party renderer? I don't think even Maya has a decent built-in renderer. To me, the Blender's developers are doing a great job with Cycles. And I don't think the blenderheads are "sheeps" for accepting what the devs knows is better for the project. Blender was a unknown software of a bankrupt company, and became one of the most known 3D packages. Ton deserves my respect, and i'm sure that I not the only one.

  6. Nice work keep on blendering.
    Maverick99 do you have a website I am wondering at you blender work.
    I think from blender 2.64 cycles really rocks and there will be OpenCL support for ATI Users.

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