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Monster Rig

By Siarhei Chekolian.

Siarhei writes:

Feel free to use this rig for educational and commercial purpose as long as you give credits to us. Also i am giving away animations for this monster. Use it only for non-commercial work.

You can download it from

Monster modeling by Vitaly Chebonenko. Rig and animations by Siarhei Chekolian.

If you have any questions about the rig, mail me at [email protected]


  • Angry

    So cool!!! I wish I could rig like that. Ans thanks for offering it for free so people can study it :)

    Here's a quick and dirty animation test :

    • chekolian

      Will be nice to see the final result...

  • Sendercorp

    Super cool , at the moment I kinda need a co pilot for my new space ship and this cat is one good model .

    Sendercorp We bring peace, to the universe .

  • chicortiz

    Dude... This is great! Light and well done! Perfect for small studios. And the model is already UV mapped people. Thank you so much for sharing this incredible resource Siarhei Chekolian and Vitaly Chebonenko!

    • chekolian


  • Max Puliero

    welldone! have different colors for the controlers would be cool :D

    • chekolian

      Well, sure i would be nice, but i didn't want to make a rainbow in viewport, if you know what i mean =)


    Interesting ! Did you use Rigify Add-on to create the Rig?

    • chekolian

      No. It is handmade rig.

  • Saladino Lopes

    When I first saw the model on BlendSwap I was quick to dismiss it, but now I see the possibilities in customising the look of the monster. Inspirational stuff and a monster rig.

    • chekolian

      Thx =)

  • JezDavo

    Nice model!
    Though i could pick two parts of the rig that would give you trouble. Because the base pose of the guy is arms down, you'd have a hard time posing the arms back behind his head (ie, drawing back for a punch) without the front of his chest inflating. Could be fixed with careful weight painting or shapekeys, but would be easier just to re pose.
    The other bit would be the back legs, having the rotation of the IK foot at the top of his ankle would make it a little tricky to animate him walking/running along uneven ground. Best to bring the pivot point down closer to the base of the foot, then just make the IK chain 3 segments instead of 2.Also wouldn't hurt to have a bit of control around the lips/mouth
    Solid effort though!

    • chekolian

      Yeah, with my current experience, i would do the same, but during production,at that time, all thing that where required from this monster where done without any problems, so i am happy. Sure next time will try to do better. Thank you!

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