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By Tamás Török.

Tamás writes:


After my Leopard my next target was a tiger. I plan a nature image with the tiger but at first I wanted an image like this with a message.


  • MxD

    Very nice ! I like it very much ! Nice and special ...

  • eisklotz

    very nice

  • Nikolardo

    That's a really great image and a fantastic message as well.
    That being said, on looking at the full-size image, the fur looks less like fur and more like...brushed metal. Fur is a bit smoother and clumpier, ... it looks like you maybe don't have dense enough fur? Looking at it closely, for an animal that big, I really shouldn't be able to make out as many individual hairs as I can. Just my 2¢.

  • RNS


  • fergoblender

    Brilliant Render and message :D There's not one thing I can say bad about this!

  • Santiago Pacheco

    Loved the render. Totally in disagree with the message, but diferent opinions is wath make humanity improve.

    • fred

      I am with you all those big ugly cats should be wiped of the face of the earth -sacarsm

      Nice render and nice message, I wish more people would remember that there is no reset button here. With some of these cats the are less than 10 000 of them left in the wild once the are gone that's it, the will be like the Dodo you will read about them in books and see them in muesums.

  • john

    wow , That's Great! I wanna try that!
    Can it walk in animation?

  • kABHIr

    not much to say about it simply awesome and nice message.
    And also the message goes strong with the render.

  • Sid1289

    Very nice image. The hair is amazing. Only thing is the anatomy of the tiger’s left back leg is not right.

    • jiggles100

      ... and the right leg is not left

  • Jay

    Very, very cool. Love the style. Really gorgeous model.

  • Rodrigo Guimaraes

    Congratulations! Fantastic Pitcture Tamas. Very strong and important message too. I would love to see your lighting and compositing breakwdown. Amazing.

  • ziom

    Nice kitty :)
    Render reminds me world from Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
    Sadly were heading there...

  • kn13htmare

    Very neat and inspiring. I would like to know the fur settings you used.

  • Dewald

    Fantastic. The fur looks fantastic.

  • Lyzard

    Very cool render and a true message.

    Greetings from Hungary :)

  • Andrew


  • Petr Utinek

    awesome work

  • graphixgeek

    Any chance you could do a tutorial? There was an opportunity for a piece I missed recently that I needed a tiger for. The one you did looks awesome.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Great tiger!!! Very good scene and lighting. Pretty clear message.
    P.S. I hope this picture will be not our future...

  • chaitanyak


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