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Two Cool Rigging Demos

Papagaio Pirate, by Carlos Fernando

Fanboy by Taito3d

(via Kvetoslav Novak)


  • Michele Arena

    Very nice characters!

  • Talmore

    Yes! Very nice!

  • Blender Beginner

    i agree very nice in deed.

  • robbielosee


  • Taito3d

    Thanks for the comments and for putting the video. It was just a test rig.
    I put a facial rig test.

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Awesome! I've added it to the post.

      • Taito3d

        Thanks Bart

  • Max Puliero

    this looks very professional!


    that parrot is super cute . I thing hes got the moves like Jagger :) hahaha .

  • Kidarcade

    Awesome Job,
    I'm a big fan of fanboy and Chum Chum along with the other cartoon's that Frederator Studio releases. That parrot would great in it's own web and/or tv show...

    Very cool stuff...

  • Myke

    this is just awesome, you rig like a pro, wanna see more see ya

  • anton

    How did you make that rigging control menu.

    • Rob Hindley

      It is done with bones as custom shapes. So you make a spline-based shape and map it to the control bone. The control bone in turn is linked to the armature by the Transformation constraint or just bone drivers. That's how I would do it anyway ; )

      • anton

        Thanks the rig panel menu looks like nathan vegdahl rigify

  • jimbo45uk

    The facial rigging is just fantastic!. I also really like the clothing control on the Parrot. I would love to see a video tutorial on how to set up a face rig like that. I know they take time and effort to do, both the rig and tutorial, (probably why I haven't seen a free one on the net) can anyone send a good link or point me in the right direction?

    • Rob Hindley

      Checkout David Ward's Alien tutorial on Blender Cookie. He covers advanced face rigging like Fanboy.

  • JiriH

    Is face rigged with shapekeys or only with bones?

  • Taito3d

    The facial rig is a mix of the two bones and shape key

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