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Mini-Contest: Let's Break Some Stuff!

I've been enjoying the numerous videos that use the new fracture add-on. So let's smash some stuff to bits and get some cool videos out there with a mini contest! To participate, just add a link to your YouTube video in the comments below. Deadline is next Thursday, and the winner will be featured on the BlenderNation homepage on Friday!  Have fun :)

(Video by JoaoYates).


  • Calum Knott

    The trouble with this plugin is (as is seen in the falling mugs) the whole thing appears to shatter at once, which is rather unrealistic.
    Also the object doesnt appear to bounce, even if an item smashes, it should bounce slightly...

    the 'bits' seem a little light as well, as if they dont weigh anything either.

    Good start tho :)

    • jay
      the speed of shattering is actually pretty fast.

      • Brian Lockett

        Even as fast as the speed of shattering is, there's still a sense of progressive shattering with the action. In other words, the crack doesn't appear instantaneously upon impact, but rather as a slight reaction of the impact. Even in this video, there was a very slight moment of contact where the mug wasn't yet broken, but in the process of breaking. It's all very slight details, but, of course, as we know, it's often the slightest things that goes towards that noticeable realism.

      • Peter Houlihan

        Actually, from watching that video, I'm pretty sure the shatter is simultanious (at least as far as human perception is concerned). The problem is that the momentum of the vases isn't arrested like it would be if it were a real ceramic object hitting something. Everything just keeps going the direction it was going.

      • David Stringham

        It seems to me that the object breaking all at the same speed is not the main issue here. (Because vibrations run down the surface and cause cracks and shattering at very high speed). It seems to me that the problem would be to get the Voronoi function to create the large chunks and the small pieces, instead of making the size too uniform.

        I went back and watched the example video again, and in the first animation, there was a noticeable progression of shattering. So there you go.

    • Matt Heimlich

      I think the real problem is that cracks don't appear to propagate from the impact point, but this can currently be faked by running cell fracture using child verts from a small child object placed at the point of impact.

      • Nazzareno Giannelli

        can you suggest me some tutorial that explains the technique you are talking about? thx :)

  • spiked3
  • Antonis Gli

    well I like it bit more stuff Its all good to go .

  • sparrow

    Is this the parth where the person with the most RAM wins? :P

    • Akože-?ože Že-fúha Že-ä Matúš-

      So I have new 16Gb kit :-P

      • onjoFilms

        32Gb here :), but little real life time. :)

        • RAMless

          8GB :(

          • SK

            4GB :((

          • MillionthVector

            1 GB... I lose XD

  • ofuscado
  • Jiggymoon

    Loving this add-on. Little buggy sometimes she generating the shards, but generally on the right lines. I just have a quick question though. I cannot work out how to get the smooth shading like with the mugs and the vases in the film. When I put smooth shading on, it just looks like a messy bad normal party. Any ideas?

    • Matthew Heimlich

      Try using smooth shading with the Edge Split modifier.

    • andy

      Add an Edge Split modifier

  • Akože-?ože Že-fúha Že-ä Matúš-
  • Akože-?ože Že-fúha Že-ä Matúš-

    There is my few day trying

    • Utopia780

      tutorial please!!

      • Akože-?ože Že-fúha Že-ä Matúš-

        there is tutorial on blender nation few ddays ago someone add it there for basict with fracture :)

  • Felipe Torrents

    Offtopic: I couldn't resist relating this to korn - Break some off!!

  • Brian Lockett

    Nice contest. And man, I'm really interested in the development of this feature! It's going to be amazing, for both games and animations.

    Though, if I may offer one piece of constructive criticism about this fracture feature based on videos I've seen so far, it seems like these objects break instantaneously rather than progressively. Perhaps if we had a way to control just when parts of the structure breaks apart, perhaps via some form of "breakage weight painting" to help a controllable rate of breakage.

    That way, the higher surfaces of the objects do not break at the exact same time the parts that come into contact with a hard surface. While it may seem to all happen instantaneously, if you observe objects breaking at certain slower speeds (or high action in slow motion), structures tend to break progressively--that is, with cracks that rapidly grow from the point of contact as opposed to destruction occurring instantaneous throughout the entire surface at a time, in most cases of destruction.

    Anyways, enough criticism there. I'm looking forward to seeing what people creative with this feature in development!

  • Dirk Moser

    Cool stuff.Something new to play.....

  • PyroEvil

    I don't know if the contest is only for the new fracture add-on but here is a video done with my molecular script ( not finished but my goal is to look like Lagoa Multiphysics):

  • Nazzareno Giannelli

    Deadline on thursday means that I can work on it till tomorrow evening?

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Send it in any time on Thursday!

  • Daniel Kreuter

    I decided to participate too so here is my entry:
    I think it's a nice idea this contest. I really can't wait to see what other people come up with in this time.

    • Bart Veldhuizen


      • Daniel Kreuter

        I'm rerendering it

  • lucas823

    Here's my entry. I know the cracks are visible before the wall explodes. This is my fault. I initially planned to use to video sequence editor to take out the first part, but some compositing issues and laziness got in the way

  • Nazzareno Giannelli

    big issue: I'm a newbie in Blender and I cannot find out how to animate an object, like a vase or a plate, and make it break against a wall. I understood how to break static objects throwing some rigid body against them...but i need the opposite :( any tutorial explaining this? any tips?

  • Daniel Kreuter

    So here is my actual entry:
    I posted it a few hours ago but removed it again because I wanted to rerender it 2x slower and with more resolution/samples...

  • Nazzareno Giannelli

    I've no time and knowledge right now to finish properly the animation I wanted to do for this mini contest (see image). So...let's post this old fracture tool test! :) nothin' special..nothin' special at all, know..I still have to practice a lot to reach what I want with Blender

  • ssv_170379
  • ssv_170379
  • lucas823

    Made some minor improvements in the beginning. Unfortunately, they came with minor compositing mistakes (not horribly noticeable, but noticeable).

  • SK
  • Patrick W. Crawford

    Here's my 'entry'. Though not the best demo fo the full use of the fracture tools, I thought it would be interesting to try and implement it in a 'realistic' scenario instead of the usual empty "test physics" room sort of demo :)

    In case it's unclear, I've used the fracture tool to simulate when in the game Minecraft your sword breaks after enough use.

  • Robberbob
  • Akože-?ože Že-fúha Že-ä Matúš-

    So it is friday and where are the results? :D

  • David Stringham

    I spent most of yesterday trying to get this to work, but for some reason, my model will not fracture properly. I tried every setting and possible fix that I could think of. I'm assuming that it's a bug.

  • David Stringham

    I spent most of yesterday trying to get this to work, but for some reason, my model will not fracture properly. I tried every setting and possible fix that I could think of. I'm assuming that it's a bug. Loved the contest idea, though.

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