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Les Chapelles

By Georges Mignot Aka Meltingman.

Georges writes:

Hi, I just finished this picture for the BlenderGuru Contest.

Made with Blender 2.63, Cycle and Gimp :-). You can find the blender and gimp logo in the picture :D.

And this is the clay render:


  • Kaczi

    Awsome work

  • Emmanuel

    I almost didn't believe it until I saw the clay render. Nice work Georges.

  • Martin Lindelöf

    nice work!

  • Paul Murphy

    Love the blender logo on the left wall :) Look's great!

  • Christopher Lee

    i love this image.....
    nice colors dude awesome:)))

  • Seb Brosig

    I can see the Blender logo but where's Wilbur?
    Fantastic picture.

  • Pavel Shabanov

    Awesome, but a little bit lubricated

    • meltingman

      Lubricate is life lol.. Thanks Pavel :-)

  • Wilbur

    I found myself in the center sunlit wall. Great work, awesome!

  • Charles HETIER

    haha, I love the little picto on the wall :D

  • Manollo

    Great work melti ! I didn't say on the official Thread, but here is the best place to congratulate you :)

  • bobo75014

    Congrats Melti ! This is a really nice one !

  • vipvip24

    une bien belle vue de la France vituelle ! ;)

  • Nonami

    Still can't find Wilbur :(.. But nice work :) Encouraging for us newbies;)

  • JeroenM

    I thínk Wilbur (never knew that he was called like that until today) might be on the garden wall just left of the ivy(?) in the centre of the image. There is a shape there that sort of has his contour.
    Nice picture by the way. :-)

    • meltingman

      yes jeroenM ;-) . here is it.. Y discover the name too, tank's :-)

  • BernAr

    Very nice work and cool mood :-) on s'y croirait...

  • hervé

    belle vue, mais pourquoi le mur de la maison du fond est incliné ?

  • Karlis Stigis

    I really like it, but I think you could work a bit more with shaders and maps, because it seams, that textures are only for color, but not reflections or specularity.. bump maps and displacement maps could improve this a lot too. For example that big house wall seems flat in those areas where plaster has droped off..

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Hi, Georges!
    Unfortunately I'm not in this contest but I like to see people's works and advice something good.
    Your picture looks pretty good but I found something that (I think) may improve it:
    1. two yellow-white blurry spots (that I see on the clay too) distracts attention. Don't know what is it? And for what? Your main "thematic" elements are this great church's shadow and the bicycle. I got my attention on them clearly only when I "erased" these two blurry spots.
    2. The right house is the biggest part of the picture. But it's not well balanced (for art's aims). It's right (shadowed) wall looks "hollow". I suggest you to add there a balcony with some things on it Or maybe a wooden grid with ivory instead of a balcony. This place is about 10% of the view. And for me it's "off".
    3. Just as a light touch.... you can add some brick elements to the left house's wall. Maybe bumps of breaks with slightly erased paint.
    4. I'm not sure that the vignette is good here. Top-right corner is too dark. It has almost the same lightness that the shadowed wall. But it's sky!
    5. If you have a time... You can add few dark birds or a cat's silhouette (it can be a plain object obviously) on roofs and cables. These details will bring some life to this picture. Or it looks a bit strange - "anybody alive here?"
    I hope it will helps.
    Cheers and good luck!

    • meltingman

      than's @kiril, and yes for the vignet is too much. in firt time y add more cable, but.. i prefere more empty. For the question" anybody alive here?" look in the window lol behind the glass you can see on fantomatic form.. it's me lol.

      • Kirill Poltavets

        The contest's deadline is already here nevertheless I'll advice some
        I agree with "guest" about that "warped edge". It's toooo warped :)) But
        I already have seen something like this in reality. It just should be
        about 1/3 of your curvature.
        It's pitty that contest's pictures weren't observed on BlenderNation
        before the deadline.
        Bart, it can be fun when people will start helping to WIPs here by
        discussing and suggesting. IMHO it's like a show :) Also I think it's
        very important for artists' grow!
        Yeah, I know about BlenderArtists' forum special threads... but this
        place is more "open". Newbies most likely visits your site first before

    • guest

      The edge of the right building does not look natural. Yes, I understand you want it to look old and weathered, but it just looks warped. Try smoothing that part out and adding a few more windows like Kirill said.

      I like the vignette, it is just subtle enough that you don't notice it if you aren't looking, but it is still there.

  • fabio


  • upretirementman

    I would need a wireframe to check for Blender mesh creation. Spots look like dust on camera lens.

  • onjoFilms

    Awesome job!


    Nice work meltingman :)

  • Benjamin Horak

    Beautiful render, the only critic I find is the sky seems too blue when the sun is low enough to cast shadows on buildings. I could be wrong. I liked the warped edge of the building I think it makes it look real. The camera flares are kind of distracting.

  • sozap

    congratulations Meltingman ! I can't find you in your fantomatic state behind your window, but I like the picture very much

  • Felipe Torrents

    I don't if its too late to edit this, but it would be nice to add a little green translucency to the leaves. That's the only detail I see that looks weird. Anyways, congratulations for this amazing piece of realism!

  • David Stringham

    Fabulous work.

  • Sreenivas Alapati

    awesome work dude !!

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