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Creating A Low Poly Ninja Game Character

Learn how to model and texture this Ninja character in this two-part tutorial by Karan Shah.

Karan writes:

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a low poly ninja character model for games using Blender. The final model will be around 1,200 polys, which is a good amount for iphone or ipad games. Although this tutorial covers building the character in Blender, the workflow is universal and can easily be followed using any other 3D modeling/software package.



  • attanze

    Thank you. Very useful. I will follow this tutorial.

  • Kriptonboy

    Ohh so nice to see something related to the game engine.. thanks

  • alterveve I made a ninja myself with similar restrictions! maybe I should do a tutorial :I

    • Xero

      sweet! I love ninjas. The more the merrier lol

  • Md Aks

    Ninja game is too popular, it is a too impress-able game. i am a fan of ninja game. particularly i like the Leonardo character. because his character too smart & handsome. i seem his character too famous in our present world. besides, I know that Michael Bay is the best director. i respect him for his good work.

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