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  • cmo

    Video link is borked. :)

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Fixed, sorry!

  • PickleJones

    really nice tutorial that goes in depth on a clever multi-step process. I never thought/heard of using the auto keyframe feature while the animation was playing. Cool!

    • Michalis Gkiokas

      me too!
      I figured it out while i did the tutorial :P

  • ??? ???

    how about we here about damn blender 2.64 instead of this shit

    • RA

      Your a clown. Let's hear about how you do things in the circus you call a life.

      • ??? ???

        and your a dipshit

        • ??? ???


  • Rob

    David my friend are awake, and you use blender. Next we take over the world!

  • mcbeth

    very very late here but if you place a place with the same movie just above the duplivert you can simulate the movie first being whole then distorted by the dupliverts when u animate the empty

  • Anonymous

    Excellent Michalis, your tutorials are great!

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