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By Janjy Giggins.

Janjy writes:

I had a go at redesigning a Cyberman from Doctor Who. I was aiming for something that gets a bit closer to the original surgery-victims/zombies with machinery grafted on concept than the current 'stampy robots' model. The head's based on a design I saw on the internet somewhere. I'm not sure who came up with it - I think it may have been an early concept mock-up for the TV series. The rest's all my own design. Hope people like it.


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  1. i do feel the head is a little too smooth looking in comparison to the body but the design and modelling of it all is fantastic to say the least

  2. Very nice design overall, but I do agree with others that the pose and readability could be better.
    For the pose it looks very static with only the head and right arm (cyberman's) looking posed, the rest looking very rigid.
    As for readability, I took a look at some images (since I'm not familiar with the series). The older designs were very light so the shadows and specular added the needed contrast for the suits. The newer designs keep to this and add in so blacks for some of the base components and thus keep contrast in the values. Your's on the other hand is overall dark and muddy and obscures the finer details. I hope my criticisms are helpful, I really like the piece and hope that you continue to refine the piece.

  3. Well, I gotta be honest . It looks very cool ,as a robot . Model and rendering is also nice. But when it comes to cyberman ,I only see ,a superior race of robots assimilated cyberman race and this is the very outcome of it . I love the material work , and exotic mechanical watch pieces like parts ,yet mouth piece can be improved to better compensate exotic lush theme.

  4. Looks good, my only complaint on the design is with the head, the metal bars that come in to the side of the head are meant to be directly attached to/through the ears of the converted person, on the model they look too low for that.

  5. I would say either change the pose a bit or go really dramatic and play with the perspective a little... or a lot, like Jack Kirby. Either change the lens to almost a fish eye set up or increase the size of the model and pull back the camera. The hand will look bigger than the rest of that arm and won't get lost in the rest of the body.

    Awesome representin for the Doc though!

  6. Looks awesome! :)
    However when I clicked on the image and saw the bigger version, it looks like it is a statue, it couldn't move. (unless it is made from some liquid metal like in Terminator 2. Or liquid stone like the Weeping Angels :) )

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