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Huge Free Textures Library

Here's a nice textures library, all open content. There's a lot of game-related content there, but also some generic stuff.

ctdabomb writes: has recently added a textures section sort of like, except these are freely licensed(cc, GPL, etc...) with almost 3500 textures and a HUGE variety which fits every need.



  • Guest


  • timmy

    Not just textures btw

  • Julian

    Wonderful, I love every free new textures source I can get :P
    They also seem to have 2D sprites, 3D objects, normal maps and SFX textures which is VERY nice.
    Thanks for the info, Bart :)

  • CGEffex


  • chromemonkey

    Speaking of SFX textures, any word on when the Blender renderer will start raytracing halo materials, such that they at least show up in a mirror?

    Even just a general idea... such as "We'll consider it after Blender 2.8", or "Not until Blender 4.0", "Just after 'Heck' freezes over"... something along those lines. :o)

    • Anthony Pilon

      I have wanted that for a long time. I really hope they don't stop developing the Blender Internal just because of Cycles...Cycles should be a complement to BI, not a replacement.

      • chromemonkey

        My recollection is that both will be developed.  Another area that could use some tweaking is getting particle objects to respect alpha maps in real-time GLSL.  I should import an old project from 2.49 to see if that has changed any.

        • chromemonkey

          (Previous message edited)  I just noticed another improvement that was already made... the real time window shows alpha textures on instanced particle objects correctly.  Didn't work quite right in 2.49 but it works now!  I believe I shall add some blowing leaves to my architecture real-time demo immediately.  I alread have a real-time rippling pond.  :o)  Go team blend!

    • Reaction

      I need to know how to replicate a 2.49-style halo 'laser beam' in Cycles! I had to use a semi-transparent cylinder to fake it, but that's no good when the obviously solid 'beam' passes straight through other objects instead of being obstructed!

      • chromemonkey

        The Blender development cycle is an interesting thing to observe, it's a step up followed by a fraction of a step back much of the time. It's such an ambitious undertaking, I sometimes compare it to what the swiss army knife would be like if it was made by Ikea. :)

  • T.E. Mencer

    Funny or irconic enough I was just on this site yesterday looking at textures. It's a good find. 

  • Hikaru Ai


  • Paul Murphy

    Last night i started trying to put a proper resource database together so this couldn't have come at a better time to be honest! Thanks :D 

  • Brian Lockett

    This happy indie game developer just got a little happier.

    Man, this makes me wanna contribute some stuff to now.

  • giles
  • B Resoucres
    This is another free texture library with high resolution photos, and free for personal and commercial use. Really nice texture packs!!!

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