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Hugo Boss Sailing

By Andreas Nicolas Fischer.

Update: this video is currently offline while it's pending an official release. I'll update the post once it's back.

Andreas writes:

Here is video I art-directed for Schokolade Filmproduktion, commissioned by Hugo Boss.

All 3d was made with Blender including fluids and the ocean. The boats are live action footage. The video will be shown on a huge videowall outside the Hugo Boss flagship store in London on a 6 metre wide videowall.

I have been a Blender user for 4 years and we plan on integrating Blender in the 3d production pipeline for good after this project.



  • Matthew Muldoon

    Fantastic piece, great to see more video/VFX/motion graphics companies using Blender. 

  • Jonathan Lampel

    Wow, commissioned Hugo Boss is a pretty big deal!  Congratulations!

  • cmomoney

    Good for you, good for Blender!

  • Satriatomat

    Congrat! Did you compose it using blender?

  • Thomas Parel

    Like a boss!

    • Josemaria

      Like a Hugo!

      • Samuel Loy

         like a win!

  • Dusty

    Great Job!

  • Paul Murphy

    Really cool stuff, i loved the vibe of the whole video! And also, hugo boss? Wow! 

  • TFS

    Any chance of a tutorial on how you put this together?

    nice piece by the way :)

  • Arnaud

    Very nice work


    yes, sexy .

  • NaziSales

    Great job on the video...Fun fact did you know Hugo boss was a member of the Nazi party?  with SS links he had a force of over a 150 forced labor workers pumping out his snazzy Nazi SS threads.

    • roofoo

      Interesting, did not know that. @_@ 

    • onjoFilms

      Sort of like the Chinese and their political prisoners cranking out Converse sneakers today.

    • Brian Lockett

      Yeah, I read about that once.  In those days, the Nazi party also got help from the then-owners of Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Kodak, Siemens, and even IBM.  The German division of GM/Ford greatly helped with Nazi war vehicle production, and the Dassler brothers who created Adidas and Puma were both Nazi officers.  Of course, today, these companies try to keep far away from their dark past as possible, so naturally, they don't really talk about it much.

      • Grzesiek

        AFAIK Siemens was making electric fences for concentration camps.

    • filipc

      Comment removed by moderator.

  • B. Magic

    The beginning with the water ball is amazing.  I will not comment on the rest, as those of us in the same profession are typically very critical of ourselves and others.

    Again, the water ball is the tops.

  • mikebelanger

    Cool!  I'd like to actually see footage of this video wall.

  • TFS

    B.Magic can you link us to some of your work.  Its only right that we similarly gaze over your stuff and refrain from being critical?

    • B. Magic

      I see what you did there.

      I can spell it out if you'd like, but a lot of things have to do with design preference and personal style.  If Hugo Boss is happy with it, awesome.  Would I have made it that way?  It doesn't matter.  Hugo Boss is happy with it.  Have I done things that were outside of my normal style?  Yes.

      Like I said, those of us that are in the same profession are a pain.  Many of us look at other work and view it through our own lens of the way things we think things should be.  It's not a dig on the artist that did it, it's professional courtesy to not crap on each other due to personal views or design values.

      What matters as a pro is that Hugo Boss is happy.

      Happy customers mean money and additional happy customers.

      • Vlan

         Oddly enough my first reaction when I read your comment was pretty much the same as TFS, I followed the links to your wordpress site thinking I'd see something amazing or at least some indication that you are a professional like a portfolio or design blog. But clearly this was not the place to look.

        Honestly, constructive criticism would have been better than implying you find something wrong with the work but are just being too polite to say so out of professional courtesy. If you're going to be a pain, or imply that you would be under normal circumstances you shouldn't be surprised when your audience expects you to back it up. Otherwise it just makes you look like a douche.

        • Crissymatt

          I agree with Vlan.  I know it's not what you intended but your comment comes across as incredibly arrogant.  From what I've seen constructive criticism is always well received on here.  Even a noob can offer criticism.  Your post doesn't really achieve anything.

          • tinonetic

             very arrogant. More like disguised condescension

          • B. Magic

            Pardon me for making a comment that everyone didn't approve of.

            I'll remember to not make that same mistake in the future.

  • Petr Utinek


  • Anon

    Very nice indeed. I liked the rythm of the images.

  • Looch Muñoz Sessarego

    tutorial on fluids please!, such an amazing result!

  • 8-bit

    One word. Slick!

  • Aurelio Barrios

    Impressive and very well done! I'm starting to use Blender professionally as well, and I wonder where you render such big projects? I have been looking for professional render services, but couldn't fine anything for Blender (apart from The guys from rebusfarm told me they support blender and cycles, however, it seems to be very early beta or alpha stage for the Mac... so no luck there. Or do you have a couple of big computers in your office and let it render a couple of weeks :D? Cheers

  • Paul J Mason

    I spotted an easter egg.  :-P

  • Walshlg

    Loved the wind blowing the tops off the waves at the end, composited?

  • Brian Lockett

    Beautiful work, man.

  • dani

    Very nice result

    wow..the Water many Gen Particles and the final Resolution number....Bake time for ever :-PCongrat! God Job!

  • Zander Nicolic

    Impressive and professional result. I like especially the initial and final parts. Using CG, at the end of day, has sense if we are not able to reach the same (more or less...) result using cheaper means. And this one appears definitely the case here.

  • Peter Houlihan

    Really really nice, I love the globe at the beginning, very on brand.

    Just two (really tiny) crits:

    The composition of the middle video screen was a bit hard to read and distracting, it looked like the waves were entering the video. Maybe bring it up and out of the water a bit?

    The bit with the nav points floating past the camera and the compass lasted just a few seconds too long.

    I hope you're proud of it :D

  • Hairyback

    Very well done. I love the overall design, idea and flow. As others have said the ball in the beginning is fantastic. My only crit would be that the waves look a little bit plastic I cant quite put my finger on it- I dont know if some foam will break it up a little, or even more of that spray you have on the final shot. But overall fantastic job. I'm sure they're delighted.

  • Rlocatellidigital

    Congratulations! Very cool video!

  • Tuuba

    Nice work indeed! And obviously you have compressed your sountrack carefully (= it's LOUD :) Thanks for sharing!

  • Grzesiek

    Now it's private video and I can't watch it :(

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Crap. I'll contact the maker.

  • Bart Veldhuizen

    Update: this video is currently offline while it's pending an official release. I'll update the post once it's back.

  • Libre Graphics World
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