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Model: Vespa

By Daniel Kreuter.

Daniel writes:

Yet another result of an modeling exercise.

It is not rigged or animated and it has no textures either but I set up a few basic materials for it.
Oh, and of course it is a highly detailed model. I tried to put as much detail in it as I could.
Feel free to improve it or just to use it for your own project.

Rendered in Cycles



  • RJH

    Very Nice. And I've never been First before :)

  • Zinc_chameleon

    Thanks for showing what procedural textures can do in Blender, combined with Cycles (I presume).  Procedural textures make more sense if the primary focus is on rigging and animation; UV maps later.  I call this approach 'animatic'. 

  • johnj

    y ... but what about the holes? i'm waiting for a sequel, with textures... please! :-)

  • johnj

    anyway, thanks for sharing, it's very good!

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing. I like these scooters.  It reminds me the Vespa I did some years ago for my character Louisa (short video sequence downloadable at the bottom of the page) :

  • Sonicangel88

    Happy Wheels! 
    Awesome modeling

  • Brian Lockett

    Nice model, Daniel!  Thanks for sharing!

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