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Herman Miller chaise lounge

By marcoG.

marcoG writes:

Hi all,

here it is my first project entirely done in Blender. Modeling using Bmesh, rendered with Cycles, post production with compositor, no other software used beside Blender.

Polycount around 70.000 polys, 5/6 minutes render times with GPU Nvidia 570, 2880*1620 res, 1000 passes.




  • Brian Lockett


    Behoooold, the powaaaahh of Blenduuuuuuur!

  • Lowdweller

    This is superbly done!

  • IamInnocent

    Excellent textures and nice touch with the folds in the leather.
    Actually this chair is a design by Charles Eames. Herman Miller is the place where they're sold in th US. Many 3d models of the (generally nice) stuff they sell can be downloaded from their site.

  • Sixstringbass

    Pretty good - no, wait ... it's pretty damn good.
    All available thumbs up.

  • Martin Ellison

    chaise longue (not lounge) (eg

    • IamInnocent

       As a matter of fact, this one is a "Lounge chair" and is quite... short to be a 'chaise longue'

  • César Eduardo Cárdenas Fuentes

    Impressive Cycles Set-up!!! :D just amazing

  • MD Limon Hossain

    Your settee is a great piece, but I think you need a beefier piece there. I love the idea of a daybed, so versatile and pretty from every direction. Love the upholstered selections in your post. Good luck!
    chaise lounges

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