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Mango: Actor Line-up announced

Ton Roosendaal just announced the actors for Mango: Derek de Lint, Sergio Hasselbaink, Rogier Schippers, Chris Haley, Jody Bhe, Vanja Rukavina and Denise Rebergen. Read on for more details on each of them.


  • Johnsmith


    • Johnsmith


      • greenboy

         You're too late.  You got here before yourself.

  • Dave H

    The movie's already awesome!

  • Christos Georgakas

    this is so exciting damn it!

  • sendercorp

    Well , What is up with TON  appearing , you know some stealth style , that would indeed ROCK :)

    • klikmaker

      Ton should definitely do a Hitchcock...or maybe a Stan Lee...

  • Joel Wagner

    I'll be happy as long as they can act better than those guys in Big Buck Bunny. I couldn't understand a word they said. ;)

    • Julian

      Where were there actors in Big Buck Bunny?
      Or do you mean the advertisements?
      Everything's fine as long as they don't speak like Ton (sorry bro, but I honestly don't understand a word you're saying).

      • Joel Wagner

        *facepalm* It was a joke. There was no dialogue in BBB.

        • Asd

          i dont get it

        • Julian

          Yes, I know. That's why I asked if you confused the movie with the advertisement. Because the advertisment had voice acting and involved BBB. No need to facepalm - you're not surrounded by idiots - just calm down.

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