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Haunted Tower



By Manuel Lopez.

Manuel writes:

This is a a project for Blender Andrew Price contest this is not to show the imperfections in the scene but to showcase that Blender Internal Engine can still produce great quality images and shouldn't be overlooked.



  1. Atarivandio on

    I love the imagery in the scene, the almost cutout appearance and color brings out the eerie nature of the tale.

    To tell the truth, I still prefer the amazing capability of the internal renderer to cycles, it's not that it is imperfection, but a fact that it is sometimes too customizable to the point of being cumbersome. When I use cycles, even though the engine provides more immediate realism, I feel almost restrained from being able to customize it. The good news is the layers system is catching up, and the default shaders do take some of the guess work out of the material side of things.
    Thanks to the sampling available to the masks in the layers system it is feasible to do all material control from just the scene compositor. I've worked on a variety of small projects that had no materials to speak of except for the power of the uv node and the ability to do ao, normals, and a variety of others after the fact. Thanks to exr, rendering is a breeze and changing something after the fact is too. A lot of times to get around cycles current handicap and time constraints I look at how the layers look and simply distort the internals layers to match using vector squeeze, ramps, and others. It is exceedingly easy to do that as long as you have just a couple of frames from cycles to interpolate from, and the result is almost mirror except for the time difference and significant lack of 'GRAIN.'

    • PickleJones on

      Sounds like an interesting workflow and a potential huge time saver if doing animation. Care to go into a bit more detail?

  2. Nice!
    I also find that internal render engine is more suitable in some cases, I mean, even if there would have more customization capabilities on cycle, I find more suitable the way the internal renderer is working for some visuals. Thanks for pushing this idea through your image ;-)

  3. euh, c'est une composition de plusieurs tutoriels...

    Certe c'est joli, mais ça n'a rien à faire sur blendernation car le mec ne s'est pas trop fouler... X_X

  4. Atarivandio on

     It is an insane time saver. The steps for how we did it were making RGB images where each channel was a separate alpha. The initial animation was saved as multi level exr with z,normal, uv, and diffuse. We used the above masks to set individual lighting using the normal ball for each channel. Materials were mixed by making a custom normal mixed at render time of nothing more than a ramped version of the texture mixed with a normal ball as well. AO was faked in using multiple normal balls at slightly displaced angles using the same technique above, but backwards. Some objects were rendered using material nodes where the vector squeeze works wonders for fake ao, as well as a cycles like shading. Using normal balls here, we were still able to render the objects with no ray-tracing and shadeless. Any mirrored object that was flat had a render from it's perspective with lighting adjustments, these frames were just distorted and mapped to the mirrors surface uv.
    A lot of approximations. If done right no one will ever notice and the work looks just as good.

  5. Don't be sayingi that Shiranai i don't speak french and i didn't use your tutorial on creating that tower, i did that with my own brain now i used a tutorial to make the grass but that was it.

    • This magazine is not sold in your country, you downloaded a scan?

      Pirate and a liar, you do not have your place on blendernation!

      • This is going too far. The towers look alike but are in no way identical. If Jazzmanny claims it's his own work I believe him. And where does this claim come from that he downloaded a scan? 

        People who call others pirates and liars without proper grounds have no place in this community, mister!

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