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Dynamic Paint Waves Tutorial

Believe it or not, but you can learn how to do this in under three minutes by this video tutorial by JoaoYates.

JoaoYates writes:

This is a quick video tutorial that covers how to generate waves using the Dynamic Paint feature. Hope this helps!

Thank you for your time!


  • Sam Nye

    Very nice. I tried it and it works great. I think I will use this in my short film that I am working on, because the water takes so long to bake and usually doesn't behave how I want it, but this looks beautiful and takes so much less time. You just saved me hours, and I thank you tons. And for you fellow nerds out there..... FIRST!!!!! ha ha ha but seriously... thank you so much. Great vid.

  • Art_is_life1995


  • Aasm271

    your a genius sir. thank you

  • Juhada

    Thank You so much for this! God bless you, or if you sneezed, Bless you!*

    * I do not own the rights of this line ;)

  • PerfectionCat

    It is not a tutorial. 
    Because it doesn't explain how to have made it. 

    • PerfectionCat

      I'm sorry. 
      It commented without seeing the image below. 

  • David Sousa

     Hey! Looks nice!
     Just one minor physics issue. Maybe it's just me but, the waves don't re-interact with the object. Is there a way to make the waves created, colide with the object that created them? I think that would make this, good and fast trick, perfect.
     Thank you!
     Love Open World!

  • harleynut97

    Nice Tutorial... can you share some additional info regarding your final video...
    1) How long to Bake?  2) What render engine BI or cycles  3) if you could talk about or post a screen shot of the materials settings or node tree, that would be great.   Ya gotta love dynamic paint

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    Great result and quick clear explanation. A big Thank You. In the past I had to set up heavy systems with displace modifiers and animated textures : a very tedious and long work for poor results compared to this method !

  • Nixon

    great lil videotutorial, with awesome result, thanks for sharing!!!

  • Bill36email

    I followed this, set Cycles to render it, and got a LIVE view on a dynamically updating fluid with lovely lighting. At no point did you mention that I would fall off my chair. Can you please add a warning to the start of the video so that other people put down cushions first. Thanks.

  • john

    Good but still need splash
    Need More work.
    Try drop the ball and see if it still splash..

  • Stephen Firman

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawesome  Finally thanks!  Ive wanted this for years!

  • threedee

    Inspired by this video, i tried to combine dynamic paint with an ocean modifier. 

    • Sam Nye

      Nice one, threedee. I went to look at your video. What did you use for the rain? I am new, and simple little things like this still elude me, but I'm getting there, piece by piece.

      • threedee

        I used a 3 sided cilinder as an object for the particle system to emmit. 

  • JoaoYates

    I can't thank the community enough for the support! My final animation was rendered using BI, the bake time was under 5 minutes on an i5 laptop with 4gbs of ram. Thanks again for the comments. And if anyone has any additional questions or requests please feel free to let me know, I'll do my best to try and help. Happy blending!

  • Reteo Varala

    *Jaw drops*  That's IT?!!!  Bu... I... D'uh... Where's the multitude of steps involving complex processes that include chicken bones, hardcore prayer, and n-order polynomial mathematics?!

    Seriously, dude, rawk on!

  • Shang

    ¡Excelente Señor!

  • e5dy

    I've done it 3 months before:
    and explanation while before

    it's not a good thing you've done, you know?

  • Antholocouse

    The true genius is from the developer Miika Hämäläinen the creator of dynamic paint tools, and this is a simple example of what can be done...

  • rob

    does this work with newer blender versions? I just tried 2.62 and the options are way different and I can not get anything like the real-time results of the tutorial.

    • rob

      my bad, had no audio and missed a key bit of information, works great in 2.62

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