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The Easter Bunny

By James Campbell.

James writes:

Did you get any chocolates on Easter, maybe you missed out. As a little light hearted fun I quickly put this animation together using Blender. This was mostly created over the Easter weekend but took a few more days to render than I hoped. Royalty free sounds as you can probably tell so I need to invest in some good sound libraries down the track.

Anyway hope you enjoy it.

An well-made short story with some exceptionally good story telling. I love it!


  • Max Puliero

    ahauhauh so funny :D

  • Eukleyv Cardoso

    Nice short but you should slow down in some parts - like when he made the chocolate right and in the end when you close up to his eyes. Because the rhythm is always fast it looses it's expression.

    • Jwill1234

      Maybe YOU should put something worth watching. How about that?

      • Manuel L.

         Hey, he was not offensive, just criticizing in a constructive way.

        • Abemclarahmore

          It takes alot of work to do a short digital animated film. Ecspecially, when you are creating it by yourself. In addition, everything flowed. I thought it was funny. Good job. 

      • Chaos

        @Jwill, you have serious problems reading comments. You should calm down or do therapy. And if you are a religious person you should respect opinion of others.

        • Javier V

           Well, even if he wasn't religious...

      • Nick Rishel

         Artistic critique is welcome in this community.

      • Jaidyp27

        Dude, constructive criticism is part of being a 3d artist. It is actually welcomed by most, that's why many people will put their work on forums or blogs such as this. If you cant handle constructive criticism directed at someone else how in holy hell do you expect to accept any that you receive?

    • Benjamin Lindquist

      I was just thinking the same. It's quite nice nonetheless.

  • Liquid Orange

    I like it. It's really great :) 

  • Charles HETIER

    Actually... I found the timing was one of the best point of this movie, especially because most of this kind of movie (including mines ^^) are usually too slow...
    It made me laugh,great job.
    I liked it!

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    Very funny and well done ! Thanks !

  • Antonvdh

     Nice work well done. Like the cartoon style.

  • Juhada

    Hey, hey! This is great work! And it's done, it's finished, and it stands for itself! Bravo to the vreator, lot's of work in this. LOTS! Bravo again.

  • Pappenheimer

    Nice shorty! I love the funny faces!
    Would like to see that they get more attention, maybe in an additional version - for the next year!^^ -->
    He could save the funny faces and send them to the unbeloved relatives!

    When he smashed the first unwished result, I expected it to resurrect as bunny zombie! (Don't know where this sort of conditioning comes from!) :D

    • Jiggles100

      we'll be looking forward to your zombie bunnies short film for next easter then ;)

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