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Trumpet Modeling Timelapse

By Jimmy Widlund (model available for download).

Jimmy writes:

Hey and welcome to another timelapse video. In this episode i will show you how i made the trumpet you can see right here. It took my just about an hour to model the trumpet. I really hope you like this video.

Enjoy it Blender people!



  • G G

    pretty awesome im gonna check it out :D

    • John Baker


    • Bart Veldhuizen

      One comment is enough.

  • Monocolio Dan

    Woah so cool! i play the trumpet! its quite hard though

  • Dusty

    another amazing timelapse! well done!

  • Julian

    The modelling is quite nice, not very accurate, but nice.
    He kind of ruined it with the lighting. Should've just used an hdr environment texture instead of all the "studio" lights. That would've given him a lot better reflections on the trumpet as well.
    But anyway - the result is good nonetheless.

  • Mookie

    Such a nice model and such a bad render, what a shame... Nevertheless really good timelapse!

    • Chuckie

      I don't think the render is that bad. I think it could have been brighter with an hdr texture, but it had some fairly nice reflections.

  • T.E. Mencer

    Great work, fast modeling and gave me soem new ideas how to do soem modeling! Thanks for yet another great timelapse!

  • Anurag Rana

    Wonderfully done !!! especially liked the last bit done with cycles.. learnt a thing or two ! way to go... 

  • Chuckie

    Nice job! I really like these timelapses, keep making them!

  • Colin Griffith

    I tried posting this on Youtube, but it kept giving me an error (with no explanation):

    I must say, I don't quite like the material you used for the trumpet. It should actually be a mix between diffuse and glossy, with the amount of mixing being determined by a fresnel IOR.

    Here is a decent explanation of how metallic reflections should look:

    I can't find a refractive index for brass, but 'Aluminum Copper' should have one of 1.35728... Surprisingly low, actually. Don't know why.

    (and below is an addition, since I no longer have a post length limit):

    Here's the node setup I personally use for metals. It's in a group, so I can re-use it:

  • Jurel

    UT 99... what a soundtrack!! Great modeling, by the way, I think I have learned something.

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