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  • 8-bit

    Nice looking character! Would love to see him move around! will he be animated?

  • Craig Snedeker

    That's cute!

  • Kirill Poltavets

    the article's name looks like "ieo"
    The character is great! :) Reminds me "Up!"

  • Metpinarci

    I like the kid ...reminds me of ...myself a bit .

  • welfare

    this is very wonderful; great job.i just started learning from the software.can u teach me on how to do this?pls reply

  • Seb

    Looks like
     Corrado "Junior" Soprano  as a kid.

  • AlexDS

    cute character

  • Stanislas Paillereau

    Thanks you all ! I'm really honored to see Leo displayed here at Blendernation.

    @8812fd034bf5c64e0c9954701159a276:disqus, if i can give you an advise it would be to start simple then move on to something harder step by step. Don't start too hard, you'll end up discouraged. Creativity is not always in complex stuffs.
    Do what you like (modeling, texturing, animation, ...), do it a little bit every day and with passion you should reach what you want.
    The blender community is super awesome. Browse around : Blendercookie, Andrew Price, ... there is a lot of tutorial to help your progress.