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2D in Blender 2.6 – Tutorial (Part 2)

Ian Ball goes on to explain his 2D animation technique, and shows how to create animations like the one above. This time: bending!

Ian writes:

Ok, so now we’ve got some images on planes we want to animate them. We can do this already by adjusting the origin/registration point of each plane and keying some rotations like this…

…but arms that don’t bend aren’t very interesting! Setting up an arm out of two planes is an option, and one which might look good for a robot, but we want to deform the mesh and make the arm bend properly.



  • erick parra

    Thank You !!! Great tutorial I just to get the time to learn it. AAA

  • Drxms

    I been looking forward to this tut. Thanks man. :)

  • Nixon

    Ian Ball is a genius and on top of that hes one of the 'good' ones, raising awareness for all sorts of modern day topic like drug abuse, traffic safety, microcredits and so forth.
    He's a hero, i'm looking forward to each installment of his work!

  • Horace

    awesome! :)

  • Albinal

    Thanks for the comments. I'm glad the tut has been useful. @Nixon - You're too kind Sir. I've just been lucky to pick up the right jobs... You do realise that I'm probably going to use your quote on some promo material now? ;-)

    • Nixon

      Hey Albinal, thx for your reply:)
      It would be an honor to me to help promoting your projects in that way ;D
      Thanks for sharing your workflow and the cool cartoons!

  • Andrew Sharp

    Very cool thanks for sharing, Your character design skills are rad in a graphic way!!!

  • Ricardo Graça

    Very nice one! Amazing ! I have made a simple animation using a similar 2D technique, but not so good like yours. You can take a look at youtube, and please, let me know if it is good enough, ok?

    • Albinal

      I just checked it out. Really good. Excellent work.

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