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Blender Sequencer scripts you can’t live without!

The 'Blender's VSE' Blog has compiled a collection of awesome Sequencer Python scripts.

Blender's VSE writes:

The Blender VSE or Sequencer is a very capable video editor. But it lacks some key features of other NLEs (Non Linear Editors). Fortunately some dedicated users became developers in their own right and crafted some really useful python scripts. Now the VSE does not have a lot of code exposed to manipulate, but what is there is quite handy.



  • Alex Carby

    Ohh, thank you thank you!

  • Comeinandburn

    Wow thank you so much.  The VSE is pretty much unusable for anything other than putting clips back to back right now.  This is a great start!

    • Matt Jordan

      Weird.  That doesn't match my experience at all.  Quite the opposite, I've found it to be pretty powerful.

  • R Janssens

    Thanks a bundle! I've never really tried the Sequence Editor for actual production, but this certainly makes it quite a tad more useful.

    • Craig Snedeker

       nether have I

  • Nemesis

    This is long over due and much appreciated :)

  • xsinick

    the default video edit has all this is shortcuts the plugin moslty exposes what is there already

  • chromemonkey

    Trunk it as a partial GUI upgrade!

  • JPG

    It would be good to see that VSE is able to make the data entry of the videos ;)))  ( sorry for that ).

  • 3pointedit

    xsinick, they Jump to Cut script started out as a way to navigate the timeline (yes that sort of is what Blender cursor key do). It's core function now is as an edit tool. So that you can actually mark in and out points of some source footage, then Copy that segment and paste it into your master edit.

  • Craig Snedeker

    I'm so glad I'm seeing more development for filmmakers lately! Indie filmmaking's future just got a lot brighter! 

  • Comeinandburn

    when I click on the first link it takes me to another site, anyone else having this problem?

  • Giovanny Arce

    Hey guys, I think those kind of tiny icons can work very well in the left panels for those are starting to learn Blender. I don't think those mini icons will put blender more heavy about size. Think about it, when you open the modifier list, you always press the right one faster because of the icon, not the name at all, you only read the name when you are looking a specific one.

  • Metpinarci

    What a community :)

  • 3pointedit

    Comeinandburn, I think you are being directed to the blog? That was the point of the post here, to show the new scripts all grouped together. Have a look around there are plenty of other tips an info at the Blender's VSE blog.

  • selecta trafaret

    If anybody doesn't know,  you can assign hotkey to button by pressing with right mouse button on it and choosing "Add shortcut"

  • dono

    Good idea to add features to the video sequencer editor !

    I made a proposal to organize a little the vse:

    5 windows:

    - browser to find media

    - library to organize media

    - rush to read only source

    - edit to read only edit

    - timeline with name of channels


    - Possibility to name and rename the channels of video or audio

    - Drag and drop the media from browser to library

    - Insert or overwrite media to the timeline edit from the window source

    - Cut a segment between in and out

    - Possibility to activate or not channels in timeline

    It is juste some ideas ! Thanks again to all community for amazing works !

  • 3pointedit

    Dono, I too would love some basic editing tools in the VSE as you have described. However that isn't the Blender way. I think that the VSE will only get features added not a re-working as suggested by you and by me. The VSE can do most of the things that a traditional NLE does, just not in the most straightforward (easiest) of ways. To do overwrite or insert you must manually move tail frames and strips around. I guess that was easier to code.

  • Turi Scandurra

    Hi, I am the coder of most of the scripts linked in this post. Thank you all for the suggestions, I'll try to implement the functions that I believe can be handled by Blender's Python API. @dono, you gave me a nice idea, integrating the file browser. Oh, and thank you @3pointedit for the blog post!

  • Turi Scandurra

    OK, the script has been updated with many new features. Download and instructions here:

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