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Interview with Colin Levy about Blender and Open Source


Interview with Colin Levy about Blender and Open Source people durian blender institute blender foundation

An interview with filmmaker Colin Levy, Pixar Animation Studios.

Update: Original English version added.

Ricardo Pereira Dias writes:

I have always followed the work of Colin, since he was Director of the acclaimed Sintel. But when I tried to contact him for the interview, I was not very confident that I would get an interview.

To my surprise he agreed and went further than I expected on it. In online conversations we had, Colin was very polite and considerate, characteristics of a true lover of art.

I could understand why Colin is now at Pixar, one of the largest art world.

Colin, you say you are lucky, but in my opinion is because you deserve it!



  • Philippe ROUBAL

    I have followed Colin's work since he was 15-16 years old, through his short films published on his website. I have been impressed from the beginning by his high quality SFX, and I always knew he will do great things ! His hilarious short movie "Suburban Plight" has been imho an important step. I am very happy for him. His hard work and passion leaded him to this well desserved place ! That's not only luck ! Best regards, Colin !

  • Paulo Bardes

    the google translation is not very accurate... Maybe he could post the original (audio or video).

    • Ricardo Pereira

      Hello Paulo! The original interview in English was added now.

      • Bart Veldhuizen

        Thanks Ricardo!

        • Ricardo Pereira

          Thanks also, Bart, for your attention!

  • Philip Witte

    Go Blender! Go Open Source! An Open Source world is the future peeps!

  • IamInnocent

    Great to have some news. Also great to see that the Open Source is quietly making way in The Industry. 

  • MacroManJr

    I still can't believe the dude's working at Pixar now.  :D  It's amazing to watch someone go from a kid who likes fooling around with Blender to being a guy at SCAD making waves in getting people's attention to being a director of Blender's Sintel to being someone who now works at Pixar.  Next thing we know, he'll be directing a major Hollywood animated or live-action film before long!  Way to go, Colin!

    • Colin

      Hah, thanks so much dude!!

  • Robert Harris

    Sintel is one of my favorite short films, I was really moved by the story and the way it was directed. Colin surely deserves it!

  • Flufy3d

    I hope that one day I can go to pixar too~