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  • Dread Knight

    HOLY SHIT! *jaw dropped*

  • Hassaun Artfreak Harris

    you know, if i'd paid thousands of dollars for an Autodesk suite to design my game, i'd be really freaking mad right now.

  • Reynante Martinez

    Same reaction as Dread Knight. ;)

  • Mal Praktis

    That is amazing work.  Nice job.

  • TheElwolf

    This is great stuff. Just to bad the BGE is not sturdy/advanced enough to produce this kind of game. 

  • Chaos

    Imagine if we could do all this with the Blender Game Engine. It would be revolution! Specially on GNU/Linux desktops.

    • jericho79

      With ID Tech 4's engine now open source, what's stopping people from creating a large number of plug in modules to basically enable it as an alternative game engine in Blender? It would be one whopper of an add-on but it's something to consider.

      and in relation to the news blurb:
      Spiffy racing game, not my genre but more power to ya :D!

  • Paul Murphy

    Just played the demo and while i wasn't fond of a couple of the car's handling, i had a pretty good time with it, i thought the presentation of the menu's was really professional looking and the environmental weather preset things at the start of a race are all really cool, the red sky one was my favourite, haven't checked the price yet but I'll probably buy this at some point, great stuff!

  • Ari

    maybe this kind of game could have been a good sell 5-6 years ago but now, it's not so simple since there's not a single feature that i didn't see on another 40 games in the last 4 years.

    but models are decent and the game engine seems solid, they can still try something interesting after this.

    but is exactly this kind of game that is slowly bringing the game industry to its death, since these games are almost mass produced by indi-developers and big studious that want big moneys with little effort 

    • Erik90mx

      but the great effort put in its develop will teach them more than nothing for sure.

      That's right and I sorry... I'm really impresed for the graphics that
      achieve with Blender and your own Engine (the 4 artists and 2 developers
      have all my respect), but certanly I will not buy the game because It
      is something overpopulated in the industry ( :S I feel like a monster...
      but is what I think)


    • Zander Nicolic

      Little effort? They designed their GE and are a fistful of people..
      Besides, 6 yrs. ago was the time of Hitman BM and some old Metal Gear. GTA IV is 4 yrs. old. This one, though certainly not an innovative game, has by far a better graphic than those.

      • Michael Dawkins

        "Has by far a better graphic than those"
        Far better than GTA IV?
        Come on....

  • Yury Bulka

    Yes, it's great, but, as in most of the racing games, the cars are smaller than in reality to make it possible to drive them with these four arrow buttons:)

  • Max Puliero

    well done guys! this is cool!

  • Pd96

    this game is not completed in blender ,most of work was done in blender and the cars and the other things was donw in 3ds why are you lie?

    • Anonymous

      That's what was said in the article.

  • Chuckie

    WOW!!! Very Impressive!

  • Aldi

    Why didn't they do all the models in Blender all the way? Why use 3DS for most of the cars, and Blender for a few of them? The inconsistency makes me wonder.

    • Anonymous

       It's probable that the guy who was making the car models knew 3DS and the guy who was making the tracks and scenery knew Blender. The tools don't matter so long as you get the job done. Blender is to a point now where it has nothing to prove. If you know it then use it. If you know something else, use that instead.

    • Simon Broggi

      perhaps it's because there's no nice system to set vertex normals, which was probably important for the lowpoly cars. Max uses smoothing groups: With Blender there's no smart system jet. I tried to script something, but it's very basic:

  • Craig Snedeker

    I knew about this game 2-3 years ago, but I thought they stopped all together and I forgot about it. Glad to see it's out there... and I've been waiting for a demo!

  • Drxms

    Thats some excellent work. 

  • roofoo

    Why no Mac version?

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