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Growing IvyGen Animation in Blender

By Nikhil Dhoka.

Nikhil writes:

Just tried the Ivygen Add-on in free time and here is what i got by using very cool modifier "Build" over the branch mesh.. same thing is done for leaves mesh with little offset.

Opening scene is done through REMESH modifier where i keyframed the Octree depth and scale parameter over time.

Rendering is done with Cycles and Post production through After effects.

I also made a short Break down video and materials Node descriptions on my tutorial blog.

Break Down


  • Rohan Dalvi

    very nice work. The render looks great

  • haiblender

    good work

  • Carlos Luchado

    tutourial pleease??


    • Tutoplease

      remove your fingers from your ***, pleease??


  • david

    wow, this is a great example of how to show something. Great effects + music. Very inspiring

  • mach10

    it's funny how the Breakdown tells you nothing on how this was done.

  • RadialRonnie

    Mach10, I disagree. The breakdown is pretty insightful actually, and while it is not, and is not intended to be a full-blown tutorial, it shows what went into this pretty well.

  • Anonymous

    Very nice work, indeed. I'm also very interested in that video interference effect, anyone know how to achieve it best within blender compositing?

  • troll

    can u do a tutorial pleeezzzzeee!!! i cant think for my self and ask every1  featured on blendern8ion for a tutorial 

    lots of lolz

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