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BLAM - Geometry camera matching add-on

Per from released an add-on for Blender which provides you with the tools to do a geometry camera matching over an existing still image similar to what SketchUp can do.

It features manual and automatic matching tools as well as focal length estimation and camera orientation. The perspective matching is done through using grease pencil strokes. The following video tutorial explains the process pretty well.

Download & Documentation:


  • Kimme


  • rodcreation

    just... wow!

  • Nick Royer

    Man, I wish this was around 4 years ago...

    • sen

      That's what I feel about all the cool projects, that are running now. BUT, better late than never! ;)

  • Dusty

    Well done! Very impressive! I see this being expanded to turn 2d film frames to stereo 3D.

  • Alexandru Dobra-Some?an

    awesome tool!

  • Barz

    Oh this is really usefull, thank you!

  • Luca Napoletano

    YES!!! Finally a tool similar to the Sketchup Match Photo tool in Blender....ive been waiting for something like this for ages..

  • DG1

    BLAM! Another Superb Add-On! I can definitely use this in my work

  • Anonymous


  • rodcreation

    i don't find the camera calibration pannel in my window! i am working with blender 2.61

    • thehumbug

      This probably isn't in the trunk build yet. You'll have to dowload and install the addon manually.

      • rodcreation

        I have installed the addon, and  after i have  places a check mark on in the add on ANT landscape, and after to have the camera calibration panel in my uv/image editor i should to put a mark too in the addon 3d view : the blender camera calibration tool kit.
        now it is ok... in the tutoriel he don't say that we should to place a mark on this addon.
        it is ok now... and wow... it is to simple to use!
        thanks for the dragon's year!

  • Christian Lehmann

    Thanks. This is so usefull!!

  • PhysicsGuy

    Today is my birthday and you got me the best present *grin*

    • David Haymond

      Happy birthday!

  • rindeer_flotilla2003

    Oh man! I would literally pay money to make sure this add-on is the best it can be!
    I could never get those other camera-matching/resectioning solutions to work... whatever they were.

    • Ashleighxeltentat

      yeah! The 
      camera-matching stuff is difficult, but maybe someday the "movie clip editor" and Blam"  will merge someday and make it easier to add 3d content io images and/or video.

  • Simon Lindauer

    That's looking awesome & usefull. I wonder if this could join somehow with the camera tracker. Anyhow.. not enough time to write more.. I have to go outside, make photos and test that thing immedantly! :)

  • Alvin Nashif Magarang

    just awesome ! wow i'm so amaze how this addon work

  • Reaction

    This would have been so useful when I was trying to visualize my house extension... 5 years ago :-)  Excellent.

  • Joel

    Really nice! The potential behind this is amazing!
    Very nicely done, I look forward to seeing where you're able to take this!

  • Vicentecarro


  • James Waples

    Fantastic! The zoom in of the stairs in the first video is very impressive. Also, is it possible to obtain the music used in the tutorial video? 

  • stan

    great for architectural visualisation, as well!

    is there any way to define the length of a certain line within the image, so that the exact camera position can be determined?

    like after drawing in the vanishing lines, i mark the edge of a building in the photo, tell blender this edge is 3 metres tall and it places my camera?

    • Ashleighxeltentat

      Maybe if you use the
       "movie clip editor" that might be able to track the distance? Not sure

  • Heyoka05

    forgive a total newbie question ......but this is implimented how? All I'm seeing is a txt file with code when I hit the download link

    • Anonymous

      Via python.
      Rename or blam.txt to, and import it into Blender via it's addon window in the preferences.

  • Nick Royer

    I've already had some success combining this with the Camera Tracker to produce better-quality VFX.

  • Nick Royer

    Copy that, create a new text file, save that text file as . When you're done with that, go into user preferences with ctrl-alt-U and install the addon. Restart Blender and check the right box.

    • Heyoka05

      thanks man really appreciate the help

      • polygonesrus

        you just have to right click the addon hit save it to your blender addons folder,and you know the rest.if you double click the download you'll get the text file.or a security check.dont have to do any creating text files or changing anything :)

  • malcolm

    hey all, I cannot for the life of me get thiss add-on to work. I installed into add-on folder and checked it . restarted but cant find any panels. are then suppose to be under the gp layers panel? does the panel only show after you draw the lines? any help would be appreciated,I have lots of travel photos that this would be perfect for tracking. thanks.

    • Jeroen Mank

      There should be a little panel at the bottom in the object toolbox (t) of the 3d window saying "camera calibration"

  • PVG


  • Kirill Poltavets

    Cool addon! Inside Blender - and this is very good :)

  • Emc_deux

    Thanks for the script. Keep on your good work

  • Zander Nicolic

    Awesome. Cannot say more. Thank you very much.
    Things like this one make the Blender community so wonderful.

  • Bettflasche

    Is the texture laid onto the mesh automatically too?

  • roofoo

    This is such a great feature, I hope it gets into trunk!

  • CGEffex

    I have finally gotten around to trying it out, and may I say it works quite well. (So far as I have used it). I am going to find it very useful for such VFX work as composting robots, explosions, etc... into still shots where the camera tracking wouldn't work to figure out where everything is.

  • Bryson Jack

    When I set this up my camera is flipped upside down, so basically scaling is all in the reverse. Has anyone else had this happen and is there a solution to fixing it?

  • Jessi

    This looks like it'll be really handy, but I can't seem to get this to install properly :( What all do I have to enable in the addons window? I have enabled 3D View: The Blender camera calibration toolkit and Add Mesh: ANT Landscape (as someone suggested above). The Camera Calibration panel is not appearing.

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