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Audio Driven Animation

Based on the 'Hexagonal Landscape' tutorials by Greg Zaal.

RoguePixel writes:

This animation attempts to showcase what can be done using the "bake sound to F-curve" feature in blender. The short animation was created in blender 2.61 and used various frequencies from a sound file to effect various aspects of the animation . Using audio to influence animation curves is a little known feature in blender; however, It can be a very powerful tool for animation and VFX.


  • Luis Fabian Gonzalez

    Can´t believe it! Amazing! Now I can say blender is capable of anything!

  • Dusty

    Sterling work my friend, and one VERY cool sound track too!!

  • Ivan

    Very Nice! (and very cool blender logo too!)

  • Temp

    What's the song?

    • Kom

      xKore - Eden

  • Sankhonio


  • Comeinandburn

    amazing... I love the execution!

    the track is outstanding and even your credit design was top notch.. oh yeah and we should adopt the logo as the official blender logo:)

  • TNS

    Did you seperate out different frequencies? I wonder if you filtered the track through audacity or something like that to split it into different frequencies then bake each freaquency to the fcurves?

    • Rainer

      Blender can do that itself. You can specify the frequency range for the audio file and blender does the calculation for the power within this range over time. So you can adjust the range for every object a little bit. Simply done with a little python script.

      • TNS

        Ahh I see I'll go take a look - Thanks

      • wardrums

        where in blender is this audio to curves?

  • symphony


  • filip

    We don't need Pukkelpoppers (= huppeling audience) any more.

  • rey


  • Grammar Defenders!


  • Philip Witte

    The blender logo with the scull in it at the end just made my day ;-)

  • Manu_anse

    Hey men! Its amazing!! Can u expalin how to do this animation with sound? I do all tutorial but i want to animate!! Thanks!!

  • TxRxfx

    Looks great, although don't be afraid to 'edit' shots into the piece. One continuous move does dull the pace a bit with such a strong audio track and nice looking visuals. Fab work and a great example.

  • 0ctobrainz

    It would be awesome if you could release this as a video tute, or a written tute with some screen captures.

  • Dane Custance

    Powerful - Inspiring 

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