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2D in Blender 2.6 – Tutorial

Ian Ball [Albinal] explains the process behind creating his unique videos in this tutorial.

Ian Ball writes:

I was commissioned by the local NHS to make a short animation about emergency contraception. The problem being that too many people are panicking after they’ve “done the deed” and are turning up at Accident and Emergency departments for the morning after pill. Emergency contraception is freely available from most pharmacies as well as other places like NHS walk-in centres so there’s really no need to go to A&E.

Communications and Marketing Manager for NHS Bristol, Lawrie Jones, said; “We gave Ian a blank canvas, outlined to him our problem and asked him to come up with something ‘creative’. Ian attacked the problem from a unique and innovative perspective, creating a piece of work that was witty, challenging and effective. Working with Ian has been pain-free and we will definitely use him for future campaigns.”

All animation was completed in Blender. The most difficult scene was probably when she's breaks through the wall. I've put the .blend for that scene here if anyone fancies taking a look at it.

The most fun part was probably making her breast wobble! ;-)

Ian is currently working on a second tutorial (and video ;-). We'll keep you posted!



  • Hammers

    Oh so good! Love the art style and definitely checking out the blend to see the setup. 

  • Ben

    What is the advantage in doing this way as opposed to a traditional 2d app?

    • chromemonkey

      You say that like keeping all ones assets in the same place is a bad thing!

  • Darcy
  • TNS

    I tell you something (emergency contraception aside) I will not be going to Bristol A&E if I get any glass stuck in me!!

  • Psy-Fi

    Lol, checked the file! The setup is hilarious and clever. Thumbs up!

  • Isaac

    Can someone make a 2d Blender tutorial with a more family friendly subject matter? 
    If so, thanks!
    If not, bummer :(

    • Drxms

      One tip is to use planes and then simply put a 2d image on the plane an disable shadows it works very well. I dont knaow if i make any sense here.:P

      • Drxms

        Ofc use armature on that plane as well it works like the bonetool in flash. 

        • Isaac

          thanks! I'll try that out

          • Drxms

            You should also use alpha maps on the planes.

    • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

      You mean something with greater risk of inadvertently starting a family?

      • Isaac

        I have little 6 brothers and sisters running around our tiny house 24/7 so this might not be the best thing to be broadcasting in the computer room. And about the risk of inadvertently starting a family, she started one the moment she got pregnant. Abortion is the killing of and unborn child and there is no excuse for it.
         If you think I'm over reacting, watch this video here and you can tell me I'm wrong all you want.      

    • Zander Nicolic

      Oh come. This is the most family friendly matter I've seen in ages.

  • Shah

    never thought about 2D this way. Awesome!

  • Drxms

    I made some movie in 2D with blender it works very well. 

  • Ryanjohnsond

    Lovely work. I'm enjoying the blend file. Thank you!  Nice deformations on the woman's main trunk as she walks; it really adds to the gait.

  • kroou

    If the author of this video was treated with emergency contraception pill at his early embryogenesis phase, then we would have no chance to watch this material.

    • Ryanjohnsond

      Good point. It's an abortion pill. Not a contraceptive pill at this point. Why do clinics still insist on this misnomer?

    • TSA

      Yeah, of course you are right. Every intercourse should lead to pregnancy. Just tell that to the woman in question if she thinks she has any say in what happens to her body.

      The apparent target group for this spot are the ones that are the least ready to be a parent. From society's point of view teenage pregnancy a bad (expensive) idea, for the individual it will likely lead to reduced quality of life and in the worst case, a life in uneducated poverty. All that from a defective condom or single act of bad judgement.

      ECP is used to trigger what happens unprovokedly in up to half of pregnancies anyway (zygocyte/embryo is lost before anyone's even aware that it's there). If you want to call that an "abortion", then I'd half expect you to argue that a single nocturnal emission in a male constitutes several million "abortions".

      In short, don't expect that you can prevent teens or people in general from having sex - you can't - and don't expect that your Internet snark will preclude women from making choices about their health - it won't.

      Aside from that little rant, great work albinal!

      • Ryanjohnsond

        TSA, let's keep is
        civil. You seem really angry and are speaking down.  Besides, that you've
        strayed from my point: my point wasn't about the statistics of
        teenage pregnancy, but the confusion of terms
        between contraception and abortion.  Contraceptives prevent a pregnancy, abortion pills end one. She wakes up the "morning after" screaming in a panic and thinks she's pregnant (the narrator says that). She immediately decides to go to the hospital for her "contraceptive pills", when she could have just as easily gone to her local clinic. That's what the advertisement is for. 

        But you know what TSA?  Where
        ever I go and I see deliberate confusion of terms, I'll stand up for the
        unborn and try to undo the confusion, so that women can really make an informed choice.  

        • Bart Veldhuizen

          Stay on topic please.

    • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

      Is it too late to suggest it to your parents?

      • chromemonkey

        People, people... we are fighting amongst ourselves like a pack of AutoDesk users!  I suppose it was inevitable once Blender reached the big leagues though.

    • Zander Nicolic

       Right, This is true also for Hitler, Assad, etc etc.

  • Tobin

    I don't know if you'll show it in the next tutorial, but i was looking into doing some 2d animation way back in 2.49 which feels like ages ago, its not really, but i was struggling with lip-syncing and other animation where i wanted to swap bits, it was just way too tedious, say mouth shapes or hand positions, foot angles, you name it, it was incredibly time consuming in 2.49 but with the 'animate everything' approach to 2.5+ its been possible to animate whether a texture layer is on or off, so handy for this kind of animation, you key all of the options off bar 1 so that you have however many spaces worth of different shapes, and with keying sets, ohh so much easier. All the small things keep adding up to more uses in the new blender, I don't know how i animated in 2.49 without tears, oh, yeah, there was tears :)

  • Sumeet Kalindi

    thanks for sharing.. its wonderful.. I too had a similar attempt i doing animation.. paper-cut style..
    am yet to finish the film though..

  • Dane Custance

    This is weird but cool :)

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