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Using Blender for Real-Time Musical Performance

Brett writes:

Another application for digital puppetry is real-time musical performance at live events, concerts, etc. Future work will include: OSC integration to support pro music hardware, sample mixer integrated with physics system (collisions trigger sounds).



  • derek

    You mention OSC support, could that also lead to some kind of tuio implementation?

    I've tried tuio blender but that only works in the game engine... this looks like it works in the 3d view :)

  • Krissnelietis

    Well, this looks pretty cool, but if you are quite experienced (as i see) then how come you didnt think of using some screen capture software? :D

  • brett

    @derek, it could easily support TUIO, i've added TUIO implementation to the features TODO list.
    @Krissnelietis, my machine is getting slow to also screen record, planing upgrading soon to a 6core with better graphics.

  • onjoFilms

    Wow, this is awesome.  If I could get this into embedded uP's that would do what I'm looking for.

  • AudioDork

    Looks like a Multiband EQ or FFT routine to divide the incoming signal up into separate bands and have the amplitude of those bands effect various aspects of blender in real time... neat

  • TheOnlyJoey

    This needs more pureaudio ;)

  • brett
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