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A teaser animation rendered in Cycles by No-Triangle.

Lechu Sokolowski writes:

"Project Falcon" as we call it in our studio, is a result of cooperation with young, Canadian director – Jared Pelletier who is responsible for creating a short movie, basing on a very popular video game (check the Facebook page for more details).

Our studio has been chosen for creating the aircraft models, which would be later composed into both the CG animation and live action footage.

A few weeks later Cycles has been released. We decided to try building our studio's pipeline basing on this new renderer. The result is a very short, teaser like animation with the Falcon model.

While making the shot, we've also created a tutorial about the modeling stages of the whole aircraft and created a separate website, where you can find all the materials and also the model itself for your own tests and use! Please check our website.

Also there's a BlenderArtists thread with additional details.


  • Kirill Poltavets

    Simply amazing! I saw the making of to this "Falcon" and remember something about the chassis (not the best part of the vehicle) but the rendering and the compositing looks awesome!
    Here we realize that Cycles need own Motion Blur badly and I hope it will be the first feature after we have already. I tried to apply Vector Blur on particles using rendered frames and BI render but it looks odd.. Is it a limitation, can you tell me, please?
    I hope it looks obvious.

    • Cloud_gl

      About the logo, it bothers me that the drops near the camera stay blurred after the movement, I prefer the video from the left looks cleaner, althought I would try to make the drops to cast a little of light to the floor, in a similar way of the 3d text.

      • Kirill Poltavets

        exactly, it's the problem )

    • Niko40

      It's a limitation. Subdividing the ground plane a few times should fix that. Not 100% sure though, just heard it might fix it. :/ But have a try at that. :)

  • T.E. Mencer

    Are you freakin' kidding me?! This looks near big budget quality! Fantastic work! 

  • Androo

    Beautifull! I think you are heading for success! Realistic scale and weight. Nice website too and thanks for the downloads. Best wishes.

  • PhysicsGuy

    That is a very beautiful aircraft and a very nice render!

  • Asf

    looks great!

    needed motion blur though.

  • Ammusionist

    Loved the flare on the lights.  Was that a Cycles effect or something in Post?

    • Kirill Poltavets

      It's a compositing obviously. No need to waste the computing power to create astonishing and physically accurate lens effects.

  • Blendiac

    Is there any clue what license this is under? I can't seem to find any mention either on the story, the site or in the file. Great model by the way. It looks even better untextured in the viewport :)

    • Blendiac

      There is an "All rights reserved" on the bottom of the website, but I presume that is referring to the website itself...

  • Drxms

    How the heck do you make smoke in cycles or hair?

    • Nicholas Rishel

      These features will take some more development time to come out. At the moment, the only option is to composite BI and Cycles renders.

      This is a large reason BI is still the default render engine.

      • Drxms

        Ah ok so its not possible at the moment. 

  • Bob

    beautiful! great to see an animation in cycles.

  • James

    All of it looks awesome!  Great job!

    Hopefully helpful critique:
    I don't feel the force from the blades in the animation and sound.
    Is there any way to effect the smoke simulation with the massive down air flow from the blades?  (or more-so?)
    Perhaps use reference from youtube like "helicopter take off dirt" and "V-22 Osprey take off"?
    It looked like a lower light shot with the smoke/overcast/ dirt, so a bit more motion blur was expected.  (lower light = slower shutter speed = more blur.)

    It looks very close to real. Neat!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Drxms

      Im not sure, but it should be possible with force fields. 

  • Blenderer

    A friend who is really into Blender told me rendering a clean Cycles render takes significantly longer than in other renderers, is that true? if so any chance to increase its speed?

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    I think that rendering time depends a lot on the mod used (CPU or GPU) and the power of the GPUs. Currently I can't use Cycles effciciently because it doesn't see my two external powerful GPUs and only uses the weakest, that is shared with the display on my two screens, so rendering is very slow !

  • Anonymous

    Just a question: Is this aircraft model in "Falcon" some how inspired from the GDI Orca aircrafts from C&C? They seem awfully similar, in terms of the tail especially.

  • Cgi Trainer

    Excellent work!

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