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Red Color

By Argentinean studio Ohweb.

Ohweb writes:

TV Ad for the paint shop Red Color. The idea is to break this long commercial into short ads with the same intro/end. Made with Blender 2.6, GIMP and Inkscape on Ubuntu GNU/Linux.



  • Aldi

    Great composition!

  • Beau

    That was awesome man!

  • Joster

    Blender, Gimp, Inkscape
    Which one is used to make the graphic animation and main composite?

    • Gez

      The graphic design was made in inkscape, the raster images used in the design were prepared in GIMP, the resulting SVGs were exported as multilayer XCF from inkscape.
      The XCF files were imported into Blender using the awesome importer written by ZanQdo (available in official builds of Blender).
      The rest was pure Blender. The layers were animated in Blender, and the final composite was done in Blender too.
      Each XCF was animated in a different scene, then composited and rendered. The final edition was made using Blender's VSE.

      • Joster

        thanks for the reply.
        It seem to me this workflow should require quite some effort and knowledge about the tools.
        much respect~

        • Gez

          Not really. Most of the animation is pretty straight forward (i'd really love to have previews for the animated textures parameters but that's the only thing really bugging me)
          Regarding the knowledge... The compositing is basically vector blur, alpha overs and a few masks. It's really basic compositing, nothing weird.
          The final part with the bucket and paint had more work. The fluid simulations required an insane amount of patience I don't have.

          • Joster

            I see
            I think I saw some fade in and fade out effect.
            Are those done through animated texture or composite?
            Also I really like the brush animation of the logo.

            Sorry I have so many question.
            Recently I'm thinking about if there is a way to achieve the graphic motion quality of After Effects or Motion through Open source tools. So some effects in your work really interests me. 

          • Gez

            The fade-in and fade-out effects were done simply animating the factor of the alpha over nodes (you can change the values and press I to insert a keyframe).
            I could have use the alpha value of image textures (I can't remember, maybe I used it couple of times).
            As I mentioned before, one of the few annoying things I can cite is the lack of animated previous for texture parameters. If I had that I'd use only the texture's alpha for the fades and it would be far handier.

  • Anonymous

    good choice of attractive colors.

  • cejota

    the final fluid are ugly... it's a jocke!  great work! ;)  impressive clean image, vivid colors and compo.

    • Gez

      Hahaha, cejota, thanks! You know I'm not too happy with the last fluid sim...

  • T.E. Mencer

    Wow that looks really professional! Great work!

  • Anonymous

    Red Color... with yellow paint on the logo... somehow that seems illogical...

    • VanPelt

      It wouldn't if you knew that "Red" means "Net" or "Network" in Spanish.

      • Anonymous


  • Mitch Klein

    Excellent use of open source tools. Nice work!

  • Comeinandburn

    excellent and very professional work.. and I love that you did it all with opensource tools!

  • Gez

    Thanks BN for the nod, and thanks everyone for the nice comments!

  • Ryanjohnsond

    That was excellent!  Very creative; great use and imagination!  :)

  • Amezke

    Nice work!

    Just one thing, even though I know you argentines speak like that, I didn't know that you also accentuate the words the same you speak, decorá", generá, visitá... looks pretty strange to me.

    Saludos desde España!

    • Gez

      Amezke: Ahora lo sabés ;-)
      Si, aquí en Argentina acentuamos tanto al pronunciarlo como al escribirlo. Puede sonar raro para un español, pero la tilde en las palabras agudas terminadas en vocal es una regla del castellano, así que si se prouncia así, así debería escribirse.


      • Bart Veldhuizen

        In English please.

        • Gez

          oops, sorry Bart.
          I was replying something very specific of argentinean spanish that is pretty hard to explain in english, but let me try :)
          In argentina we have a slightly different way to use verbs than in spain. Instead of "tú" (you) we use "vos" and verbs are accentuated in the last vocal (some of them change).
          That's why some words in this commercial look strange for spanish people: We use "pintá" instead of "pinta" (paint), "decorá" instead of "decora" (decorate), etc.

  • Zomby

    Orange liquid at the end resemble propulsion gel.

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