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Blender Cloth Simulation - Introduction

In his latest video, Daniel Kreuter illustrates the effect of different settings in Blender's Cloth simulation. Also see his smoke simulation and fluid simulation videos.

Daniel Kreuter writes:

Recently I created two tutorials about smoke simulations and fluids in Blender. There were many responses and people who asked me to make more of these videos. And here you go! This is my new tutorial about the cloth simulation in Blender. Again short and plain. Thanks for watching... I hope you'll enjoy the video.


  • PrinterKiller

    Great! I think all of your tutorials should go to the wiki section.
    Simple and understandable - great work!
    My wish is to see something like that about fire.

    • DolphinDream

      i think most of main the concepts in blender deserve a video illustration like this in the wiki section.

    • Triskelion

      I second your suggestion.

    • David Haymond

      +1 for the fire video.

  • khandude

    tooo good man.... maybe short but we can see you put alot of time into it!!!

  • Mark Sniffen

    Brilliant, I love the simple nature yet high value of information, in my opinion.

  • 8-bit

    Daniel, really nice work...again! Thanks for all the hard work you've put into these tutorials. Overall, they look very professional to me. Only suggestion would be to find a loop point in the song so it plays throughout the whole video. PrinterKiller's wish list is also mine, a fire tutorial similar to these would rock indeed. Oh, and a hair one too!

    BTW, very cool you implemented a repeat like some(one) had suggested. It's very helpful to slow people like me :-)

    • Daniel Kreuter

      Damn it...

      Sry because of the music...
      I didn't notice at all...
      I watched it without sound
      Thanks for telling me! I'll be more careful

  • Comeinandburn

    +1 for the wiki!  like has already been said, simple and very informative... this will save so much time in experimentation.


  • Jonathan Roth

    I'm so subscribing to this channel when I get home. Great reference without having to bake and render on a slow computer. 

    Also great to see the ways to make stiffer cloth; so many youtube blender demos look like fictionless silk as opposed to cotton, denim, canvas or leather. 

  • Anonymous

    Brief, clear, and simple. The best Blender cloth tutorial ever for intermediate and advanced users. ^^

  • Anonymous

    Another helpful tut.

  • Eclectiel

    I think this is the right way to go with Blender features. It doesn't only explain things in a simple, quick and graphical way, it also shows off Blender capabilities.
    And they are like snacks, fun and quick, they keep you wanting more. Good incentive for people to check them out. Those who want to learn and newcomers.

  • Montyvfx


    I've seen all three of your videos and this one is the best one yet.  For those of us who aren't physics whizzes your tuts are very helpful!  In this one I especially like how you don't cut away from the renders, but keep them on screen with the info scrolling at a nice readable pace across the top.  Also, I like the second preview and the reverse playback of the simulations to give the viewer a really good look at what you're talking about. 

    Fantastic work; keep them coming!


    • Mike

      Yep, couldn't agree more.

      This one is done perfectly, with the info/tips onscreen and with the reverse and replay. Great job!

  • Michael120

    I wonder whats next.... :)

    Thanks again!

  • Endre Barath

    3 tooltips in Blender... Sorry folks.

    • Nicholas Rishel

      Being the multi-sense creatures we are, sometimes appealing to more than literacy, especially when presets are involved.

      • Nicholas Rishel

        * sometimes appealing to more than literacy is preferable, derp.

  • Terry

    Sorry if I missed it, but who is this music by. Very relaxing. I found myself drifting away with the music and had to replay the video.
    Great stuff.

  • Aylan


  • Christian Lehmann

    Like Montyvfx I think this is the best one of the three available tutorials. You are getting better and better. Thanks, congrats and keep them coming ;)

  • Alan Perry

    Great stuff, love these videos Daniel, learning so much without even having to open Blender. Thanks for all the work.

  • Tuuba

    Excellent stuff!

  • Alex Delderfield (ADEdge)

    Nice, these are some quality introductions, short as well, a great reference.

  • finalglide

    These videos are great. It's so useful to see different settings next to each other, so much easier than seeing 3 shots separately then trying to remember how they differ.

  • trsh

    I think, I love you :D

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