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Book: Prototyping Augmented Reality

Tony Mullen presents his new book, Prototyping Augmented Reality.

Tony writes:

I wanted to let people know that my latest book, "Prototyping Augmented Reality" is out. The book covers quick and easy AR programming with Processing, incorporating physical computing with Arduino, browser-based AR with FLARToolkit, getting started with mobile AR on Android, and creating and exporting 3D content for AR using Blender, among other topics.

Anybody interested in creating their own AR applications should find something of interest in the book.



  • bboyclike


  • filip

    I just bought it, though I am not convinced.  A strange kind of book.  Many subjects, but is there a grand finale ?
    I like it because you don't have to be a real programmer to use it.
    FLARToolkit is not for commercial use.  2 chapters on Blender 2.49 with an update in an appendix !  The content is not very clear.23.05 euro, shipping included.

  • erick parra

    I bought this book at Octuber. This book is giving us the tools to "start" AR projects using mainly open source software.! +A

    • filip

      So old yet.  Is there a project in which all subjects get together ? Arduino, Blender, Processing and Android all together ?

      • filip

        I have an email from  Amazon :
        Your estimated delivery date is: Monday, January 30, 2012Nowadays the books are ageing during shipping

        • erick parra

          I bought from Chile just 3 weeks.. I was a pre-order buyer.

  • onjoFilms

    What's augmented reality?  I'm too lazy to Google it.

    • filip

      You see or hear things that are not there.

      • talentlesshack

        Without the use of pharmaceuticls...

      • onjoFilms

        I thought that is schizophrenia.

  • Ozone89

    Onjofilms: integrating virtual elements into the real world in real time

  • Michael Dinca

    mine arrived today 31 euro plus transport... wasn't expecting it to be so big :)

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