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Tutorial: How to create a bird flock in Blender 2.5+

Manuel L. writes:

I just finished my newest tutorial, i hope you enjoy it. Its about how to create a flock of birds using particles, and how to animate them so that they look realistically.

The tutorial was made in collaboration with AgenZasBrothers.



  • Pildanovak

    Well, this isn't realistic at all...:)

    • Martin W.

      I agree, this is not realistic, but if you dont have it as scene focus, it will increase your scenes realism.
      Also this tutorial teaches you the technique, the details are still your own decission :D

      I did not expect the tutorial result to be photorealistic, when he's mostly teaching technical stuff.

  • Zacharias Reinhardt

    Thanks Manuel L. for posting this!
    Here is the trailer of the original german tutorial series:

  • Jimbob



    What make it unrealistic is the speed,some time speed play a big factor in realism.However,it great animation -thanks

  • Lagiacrusel Al Drakon

    This tutorial helped me a lot. The sample video might not be the best, but with some little corrections (and some ornithologist knowledge), it is priceless :)

  • Jwrl

    The technique is the important thing.  The realism is in the hands of the animator.

    • Manuel L.

      Exactly :)


    Observation is the key to imitated realism animation.

  • Apos

    I'm guessing it's because it's a low resolution, but for me, it looks pretty realistic.

  • Lolo

    Mauel ... what is the songs name please :D?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Manuel, for letting us know about the Blender's particle AI. Here's a decent result I got using your tutorial:

  • Rory Michael O'Sullivan

    Looks fine to me. Anyone who's seen a starling swarm should agree.

    For something in the background of a scene this would work great.

  • Ted

    any way to keep the birds from flying upside down?

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