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VTOL aircraft for Garrow Aircraft made with Blender

Chaitanya Krishnan was recently tasked to design a new product for Garrow Aircraft who builds verticopters.

Chaitanya Blender subdivision surface modeling to build the Verticopter II design with feedback from the engineers about aerodynamic requirements. The mesh model was later imported into the engineer's CAD workflow for rapid prototyping.

In a addition he also worked on product animations during the development phase.

Check out his blog for more information and the different steps he took.



  • Fablefox

    Awesome. Nice modelling. And it's a real product to boot!

    • Anonymous

      thanks @Fablefox working on this project was a great experience for me :)

  • Olaf

    It's very funny since the first Verticopter could only fly like an airplane, it couldn't hover or properly land like a helicopter. This second Verticopter doesn't seem to be able to fly like an airplane, it can only hover. I'm skeptical that this design will work since there huge holes in the wings will make it impossible for it to fly horizontally or even transition to horizontal flight.

    • Anonymous

      all valid points @25c2d07223382ab637db2c0d5fb9dfa4:disqus 
      i was a bit skeptical myself, but as i have vertually no aeronautical experience i deffered to Garrows specs.. wish they had been able to integrate the fan covers from the original design, when closed that gives a complete aerofoil.. 

      anyway only time will tell.
      I hear they have a new design in the works now

  • Anonymous

    thanks you for the post Blendernation!

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