Commercial: American Style

Hjalti Hjálmarsson writes:

American Style is a well established hamburger restaurant franchise in Iceland.Their menu characterizes the “all-american” model for casual dining, but also brings an Icelandic flavour to the tradition.

The idea for the campaign was to follow a typical protagonist character travel through an American psychedelic world filled with rock n’ roll legend lookalikes and iconic locations in rock history. This required a lot of planning for the transitions so we decided to first layout all the camera movements in a carefully planned animatic video. After that it was a matter of filling in all the details for each shot, bringing this bizarre world to life.

The entire thing was created using Blender and After Effects.

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  • Oslaf

    Nice. Funny, my favourite bit was the logo animation at the end.

  • BlenderEi

    Great – I especially like the music bits at 00:20 – sounds a bit like “Diddy Kong Racing 64″ as soon as the blue elephant appears :P

  • JnZ

    TRANSITIONS FROM ROAD TO GUITAR AND PEARLS TO JACKET ARE THE BEST IMO. Ops, sorry about capslock, too lazy  to type again :)

  • Blendiac

    Psychadelic Beatlesesqe bit ftw! :D

  • bashi

    Great. Like the Toon style and the Transitions.

  • W.

    Excellent work! Stylized, unique, short, to the point. Love it.

  • SaptarshiC

    gr8 art style.. and the logos on the traffic lights were cool !!

    • Deltaray

      Yeah those cracked me up.  Green = ROCK ON!


    Awesome !!!

  • Tallguy

    Really nice.  I suppose there are worse ways to view the U.S.  :)

    • Not Even American

      You know, “American” refers to the people, not it’s government or military or the stuff you see on the news.

      Now to the topic: really great ad! Transitions are awesom, the style is consistent and animation is smooth. Fantastic job.

  • Kel

    Very nice, and very stereotypical too. :)

  • No

    very nice animation
    USA suck dog@#$%$!

  • Rory Michael O’Sullivan

    Lovely. Very slick!