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Poser Tools for Blender 2.5 Blender3D

Great news on those using Poser, there is movement on Poser Tools 2 for Blender 2.5x. Great forum entry on its progress and features and goals.


  • toneddu2000

    I just say that I waited too much long for this! Great news

  • P.Monk

    I've just been great for props.

  • Terrachild

    Holy moly!

    I've been waiting for a Poser character exporter for awhile.
    I've been able to export an animated character out of Poser, and into Blender, but it never comes out very good.
    The morphs need to be done properly to make this useful.

    I even called the Poser team at Smith Micro and requested an exporter similar to the one they have for 3ds Max and Maya, but I didn't get anything even approaching a commitment.

    Keep up the good work.
    This will make Blender even more useful if we can bring in animated Poser characters, and render them through Blender with any external renderer we choose.


  • shanenewville

    If this project is successful ill jump for joy. I am heavy in the middle of an animation with Poser and Blender is my main model editing/creating software. If this can save me time by going around all the importing/exporting of obj files I will def be using it. My biggest issue is when exporting a model from poser to blender, blender does not know where to find the textures. Reassigning them manually would kill me so I edit the model without. When I export back to poser I can easily reassign the original textures without a problem. Still a small pain. So making a workatound would be amazing. As well as an easier way to make Morph in blender (shape KEYS) and have the saved in the proper location for a specific figure automatically

  • Jeff S

    Awesome... been waiting for something like this as well. Blender being my program of choice now will greatly benefit from being able to import Poser/Daz models. hopefully they can find a way to include the bone structure and be able to pose the models as you can in Vue esprit

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