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Comments Editing System Updated

Here's a quick service update: I've been getting complaints about our comments editing system, and have just purchased an upgrade. It now also includes a bunch of new features such as a spiffy full-screen editor (if you really want to rant) and a spell checker.

Please have a go at it (use this post to test) and let me know if it works ok now. Thanks!


  • AidyB


    Then I shall take this opportunity to thank you for the regular posts and the upgrade. :D


  • AidyB


    I think i may have just posted, but i dont see it yet? Anyways, thanks for all the regular posting! :D


  • Bart

    I think you were a bit too quick - our caching system hadn't caught up with you yet. Both comments are here :)

  • FloridaJo

    Four Score and seven years ago, our foremothers brought to this country eggs rice and lemons.
    Today lemons are used wildly for baking hamsters on the half-shell.
    Sprinkled with garlic and shaved quite clean, you will enjoy football from a far.
    I would also like to plant lettuce in my garden which is just a filled in Olympic sized pool surrounded by
    fat women from a tropical island just off of Montana.
    Speaking of Montana, did you ever put an M-80 in a B52 model from Japan after Elmer the cow was slaughtered?

    I think it works.

    That's my story and I'm sticking pins in Voodoo dolls.

  • FloridaJo

    Wow, it's 9:19 somewhere.

  • HumanBlade

    hmmm.. the fullscreen option must only be for registered offenders. though the cookies recognize me :) i subscribe to the RSS so i have yet to register myself. surprised people were really complaining about the comments system. i guess the delete has it's uses, but spell check for news blog comments? and frankly for long posts, i check the commentator's name. if it's not the submitter, or linked to subject, honestly i skip over it. too ponderous and semi-rant for my taste usually. :) anyways, congrats on the successful integration. and for non-english speaking posters, don't worry about the spell check, honestly. i'm a grammar nazi myself, and i don't care about blog comments.

    happy blending!

  • Chucker

    Thanks Bart, not seen a clean comment system like this anywhere else.

    I'm glad HumanBlade doesn't care too much about grammar in others posts while on Blendernation (as I don't see capitalisation at the beginning of HumanBlade's sentences above ;D ).

    Are there any ways you can make text bold or italics, with perhaps a HTML tag?

  • filip

    Ower veery skiled personel wil be pliesed to help joe.

    It does nog suggest corrections.

  • Artorp

    Doez it work? Yep, it does! Also the fullscreen view, and I'm not a registered member :p I prefer the built-in spellchecker in firefox though. :)

  • mrunion

    This is a test. This is only a test. If this had been a real comment, it would have made sense.

  • mrunion


  • rorkimaru

    Lets see if I can edit...

    Yes, Yes I can!

    Great news, the inability to edit/delete really bugged me. Especially since it said you could but it never worked! Fantastic update to the site.

  • TLOZ

    Seems to work just fine.
    Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to read this comment, I guess...

    Edit: Editing also works. GREAT!

  • Pandu Aji W

    Test 1 2 3

  • roofoo

    OK, I will give it a shot. Let's see how it does.

    Edit: It was a bit slow to respond after I clicked the Edit button. I was about to give up and then the edit box finally loaded. But at least now I can actually edit my comments, which is an improvement. :P

  • Raimon

    Hi, this is a simple test.

    Oh, what a wonderful test! I'm amazed of this test. I want a test like this one. Congrats for this test.

    and this is an amazing editing of a test for a comment. I'm amazed about this editing feature too :).

  • samuel

    cool, it's so new and shiny... though the full-screen option is grayed out for me

    and the editing works great too! I love testing these new comment features, I shall test them and they shall be my test...

  • pamtango

    Testing, testing. It did give me suggestions for spelling corrections. I tried leaving the 'g' off testing and it gave me 5 choices.

  • Dread Knight

    Boring. It's still not disqus.

  • Jos

    It looks good!
    [EDIT] I can even edit my post! Cool!!!

  • amine

    good update man

  • Fjrs

    let's me try it...

    it's works!!!

  • HeWhoE

    Oh, nooooooo! You had to make a dirty licensing agreement in order to use this software! You gave up some of your freedoms just for a new comments editing system.

    There's a part of me, deep inside, that hopes none of the money we've given to the Blender Foundation was used to propagate such freedom-disrespecting software. But I have to remind myself that the money is yours to do as you please.

    Once I give something to someone else, it is no longer mine. Just have to keep reminding myself.


  • Bart

    @HeWhoE: so? I spent $15 and 5 minutes to get it to work. I could have also spent a week coding this myself. I don't have a problem with a licensing agreement.

  • Brian L.

    Awesomeness! Finally! Though, I wouldn't have complained about it to you guys--I would've simply asked. No one can complain about something free! I have nothing but gratitude for these features, and your service overall! Thanks!

  • Pawel

    Well, let's see if this new system of editing actually works. The previous one didn't on Ubuntu/Firefox - I could post, but I couldn't edit.

    Yes, I can!
    That's definitely an improvement for me!

  • Omar Modesto

    Testing, testing ...
    Soylent green is not people ...

    Yep, editing works.
    (Apparently, I've been granted the magical, magical power to edit other people's comments, as well. With great power ... )

  • Chrome Monkey

    An intriguing development.


    Make that an awesomely intriguing development.

  • Bart

    So, what do you think? Does this system work better than the one we had before??

  • Chrome Monkey

    Are we going to be on the honors system regarding not editing other people's comments, or will a fix be put in so that the "click to edit" link only appears on posts by the person currently logged in?

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