Comments Editing System Updated

Here’s a quick service update: I’ve been getting complaints about our comments editing system, and have just purchased an upgrade. It now also includes a bunch of new features such as a spiffy full-screen editor (if you really want to rant) and a spell checker.

Please have a go at it (use this post to test) and let me know if it works ok now. Thanks!

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  • AidyB


    Then I shall take this opportunity to thank you for the regular posts and the upgrade. :D


  • AidyB


    I think i may have just posted, but i dont see it yet? Anyways, thanks for all the regular posting! :D


  • Bart

    I think you were a bit too quick – our caching system hadn’t caught up with you yet. Both comments are here :)

  • FloridaJo

    Four Score and seven years ago, our foremothers brought to this country eggs rice and lemons.
    Today lemons are used wildly for baking hamsters on the half-shell.
    Sprinkled with garlic and shaved quite clean, you will enjoy football from a far.
    I would also like to plant lettuce in my garden which is just a filled in Olympic sized pool surrounded by
    fat women from a tropical island just off of Montana.
    Speaking of Montana, did you ever put an M-80 in a B52 model from Japan after Elmer the cow was slaughtered?

    I think it works.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking pins in Voodoo dolls.

  • FloridaJo

    Wow, it’s 9:19 somewhere.

  • HumanBlade

    hmmm.. the fullscreen option must only be for registered offenders. though the cookies recognize me :) i subscribe to the RSS so i have yet to register myself. surprised people were really complaining about the comments system. i guess the delete has it’s uses, but spell check for news blog comments? and frankly for long posts, i check the commentator’s name. if it’s not the submitter, or linked to subject, honestly i skip over it. too ponderous and semi-rant for my taste usually. :) anyways, congrats on the successful integration. and for non-english speaking posters, don’t worry about the spell check, honestly. i’m a grammar nazi myself, and i don’t care about blog comments.

    happy blending!

  • Chucker

    Thanks Bart, not seen a clean comment system like this anywhere else.

    I’m glad HumanBlade doesn’t care too much about grammar in others posts while on Blendernation (as I don’t see capitalisation at the beginning of HumanBlade’s sentences above ;D ).

    Are there any ways you can make text bold or italics, with perhaps a HTML tag?

  • filip

    Ower veery skiled personel wil be pliesed to help joe.

    It does nog suggest corrections.

  • Artorp

    Doez it work? Yep, it does! Also the fullscreen view, and I’m not a registered member :p I prefer the built-in spellchecker in firefox though. :)

  • mrunion

    This is a test. This is only a test. If this had been a real comment, it would have made sense.

  • mrunion


  • rorkimaru

    Lets see if I can edit…

    Yes, Yes I can!

    Great news, the inability to edit/delete really bugged me. Especially since it said you could but it never worked! Fantastic update to the site.

  • TLOZ

    Seems to work just fine.
    Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to read this comment, I guess…

    Edit: Editing also works. GREAT!

  • Pandu Aji W

    Test 1 2 3

  • roofoo

    OK, I will give it a shot. Let’s see how it does.

    Edit: It was a bit slow to respond after I clicked the Edit button. I was about to give up and then the edit box finally loaded. But at least now I can actually edit my comments, which is an improvement. :P

  • Raimon

    Hi, this is a simple test.

    Oh, what a wonderful test! I’m amazed of this test. I want a test like this one. Congrats for this test.

    and this is an amazing editing of a test for a comment. I’m amazed about this editing feature too :).

  • samuel

    cool, it’s so new and shiny… though the full-screen option is grayed out for me

    and the editing works great too! I love testing these new comment features, I shall test them and they shall be my test…

  • pamtango

    Testing, testing. It did give me suggestions for spelling corrections. I tried leaving the ‘g’ off testing and it gave me 5 choices.

  • Dread Knight

    Boring. It’s still not disqus.

  • Jos

    It looks good!
    [EDIT] I can even edit my post! Cool!!!

  • amine

    good update man

  • Fjrs

    let’s me try it…

    it’s works!!!

  • HeWhoE

    Oh, nooooooo! You had to make a dirty licensing agreement in order to use this software! You gave up some of your freedoms just for a new comments editing system.

    There’s a part of me, deep inside, that hopes none of the money we’ve given to the Blender Foundation was used to propagate such freedom-disrespecting software. But I have to remind myself that the money is yours to do as you please.

    Once I give something to someone else, it is no longer mine. Just have to keep reminding myself.


  • Bart

    @HeWhoE: so? I spent $15 and 5 minutes to get it to work. I could have also spent a week coding this myself. I don’t have a problem with a licensing agreement.

  • Brian L.

    Awesomeness! Finally! Though, I wouldn’t have complained about it to you guys–I would’ve simply asked. No one can complain about something free! I have nothing but gratitude for these features, and your service overall! Thanks!

  • Pawel

    Well, let’s see if this new system of editing actually works. The previous one didn’t on Ubuntu/Firefox – I could post, but I couldn’t edit.

    Yes, I can!
    That’s definitely an improvement for me!

  • Omar Modesto

    Testing, testing …
    Soylent green is not people …

    Yep, editing works.
    (Apparently, I’ve been granted the magical, magical power to edit other people’s comments, as well. With great power … )

  • Chrome Monkey

    An intriguing development.


    Make that an awesomely intriguing development.

  • Bart

    So, what do you think? Does this system work better than the one we had before??

  • Chrome Monkey

    Are we going to be on the honors system regarding not editing other people’s comments, or will a fix be put in so that the “click to edit” link only appears on posts by the person currently logged in?