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BlenderNation is Hiring!

Running BlenderNation is a blast, but it's a LOT of work for just one person. So, I've decided to bite the bullet and scale up - I'm looking for 2 editors!

I'm looking for people who:

  • have been involved in the Blender community for at least one year.
  • have a good nose for topics that are interesting for the Blender community.
  • have proven good English writing skills.
  • have experience with WordPress.
  • are willing to be involved for at least three months.

You will:

  • write 10 articles per week, and enter them into WordPress.
  • work with news leads that are submitted to us, as well as generate your own news leads.
  • cover the whole spectrum of news topics: art, development, community, education.


  • payment is $50 per week ($5/article), takes place at the end of each month, via PayPal. I will require an invoice for each payment.
  • new authors have a trial period of 2 weeks (which is paid).
  • after the trial period, the standard contract period is 3 months.

To apply, contact me at [email protected], and include references to at least three Blender-related articles that you have written. A short interview via Skype will follow for selected candidates. Everyone will receive a reply within one week.


  • Andrew Price

    Way to go man! Glad to see the workload being distributed.
    Much better than working yourself into a hole and ragequitting :P (a frequent occurence in the blogging community)

    Keep up the good work man. Your site is a huge asset to the community :D

  • Bart

    Hah, ragequitting! I hadn't heard that one before, but I *SO* understand what it means :)

    Thanks for the support!

  • Josip

    I think this is a great opportunity. I am so mad right now that I can't apply.
    Is there any chance that you might accept articles from other writers and publish them if you like it, or even pay them if you publish what they made ?

  • Bart

    @Josip: at this moment, no. Doing the bookkeeping on incidental articles would be way too much work, so I'm only looking for people who are willing to commit for a longer period of time.

  • joeri67

    Wauw. Super.

    To sad I'm on the happy side of the rainbow, otherwise I'd apply.

    10 a week with 2 people is 20 new articles a week?
    Wauw, that's good news.
    Maybe a new design might be handy. I personlay like the f8 theme.

  • Bart

    @Joeri: so true. In fact, I want to spend less time writing so I can focus properly on such things. A redesign is *high* on my wishlist - there's even a half-baked test here: . And then there's Project X, a new Blender community project that I'm quietly working on.

    F8 looks nice, but maybe it's a bit too texty for our community? Any help with a redesign would be much appreciated :)

  • NGonka

    I really like that Beta design :-)

  • joeri67

    To texty?

    I'm currently moving, but, I can always help.
    Project X sounds nice. You know how I think about that. Or rather of what I think of the current one ( is it still down, can any prozac help at all? )
    My designs for my pX are lost somewhere on some backup disc, dusting away in lack of time.
    I'm sure your ideas on that are to the point and make for a fast loading good experience.
    If only the mob can be redirected to a cliff. :P

  • James

    I am very tempted to apply, I've got all the qualifications asked for, I even wrote a list for listverse ( But the pay doesn't translate so well in the UK, although it's much more than just pay you get.

  • Aman b

    i'm wanna in

    but i have no reference on the web,

    all my work (project reports) is now prof.'s assets.

    so is there any chance for me?

  • Bart

    @james: I know. But the site isn't generating *that* much money yet. I'll also start looking for an advertisement sales dude later on - maybe he or she can boost the revenue and then I can spend more on editors as well ;-)

    @Aman b: for now, I'll need references. But to be honest, the grammer in your comment doesn't look great :-/

  • N.A.

    I really like the new disign of the Beta, but the whole text looks "pixel"-graphics. For example, the letter "B" in the Caption "BlenderNation is Hiring!" is totally distorted. And the text on the right, under "Popular this week" is completely damaged, parts of the Characters are missing - im using Firefox 3.6

    Here a screenshot to show you what i mean:

  • Tadd

    Good luck, Bart! I'm glad to see more delegation. It's not easy running a community! I'm sure it's especially so on a fluid one like BlenderNation when news comes at such a fast pace!

    With that said, I do web design professionally - and freelance on my spare time. If you ever need WordPress aid, let me know. My personal sites are woefully in need of help ... just email me any needs and I'll let you know what I can help with!

  • matthew/mofx

    Love to see you expanding, blendernation is one of the top assets to the blender community. Hope this frees up your time for more pressing issues. Best of luck, can't wait to see the redesign become a reality.

  • Dmitry Tabakerov

    Eh-he... If it would be russian version... I'm allready freelancing as news-writer for local (Belarus) computer-related newspaper. I would be glad to help, but feel myself not as free with English as I want...

  • James

    @Bart Yeah I should've also mentioned how being a part of it so much would be the real payoff though :D

  • NRK

    I've been at times one of those commentors that cause you consternation, and I wanted to say thank you for all the work you do. I am happy to see you proactively beefing up and look forward to the fruits of this investment in the future. We don't say this enough THANK YOU BART!

  • neostorm

    Bart, (if this can reflect my sympathy) could you publish (in the form of some pdf) the first blender tutorials that appeared on blender -NaN website?
    They are full of enthusiasm and excitement, which is really hard to find nowadays...

  • http://not.available.yet RichardLG

    It's a great oportunity for people that loves Blender world (and CGI world in general of course) and want to participate more activelly. However nowaday is very complicated to dedicate time on this kind of tasks. I would be very happy to help you - even as a free support - but unfortunatelly I can't (first of all, I'm from Spain and my english is sooo bad... - I promise to improve it next time - my second reason is my little time available, due to my work that requires almost 45 hours every week, my third and last reason is... I wil get married on next May, and as you can imagine... now I'm very busy :)). I hope be useful in next future with a new wesite with a special section to 3D graphics in general and Blender in paticular. I'll keep you informed!!

  • TWS Admin.

    cool! i have great english writing skills but i've only been involved in the Blender community for a month or two.
    i also don't have any experience with WordPress (i tried to set up a website with it once and failed miserably).

  • Patrick Boelens

    I can't wait for the flood of news articles! Good luck finding some editors Bart, and good luck to all those applying as well! =)

  • Sam

    Interesting concept.

    Perhaps I'm just out of the loop but it didn't appear that you gave article word length. What is the standard you are looking for? Also, overall it looks like you are looking more for straight up writers than simply editors. True? Though a good writer will or at least, should be able to self-edit to at least a reasonable degree.

    That is a very large amount of articles per week. The size of them could become a large problem with pumping out about 1.42 articles a day. Not horrible if they are 200-500 words but anything bigger is going to start, I believe, to pose problems.

    You mention you want people with a nose for topics, how much Blender knowledge is needed? How much is just flitting across forums checking out the hot topics then writing on those? To use myself for an example, I have enough working knowledge to make projects I consider "fun" but my life is much more geared toward writing than Blender creation. How would this work?

    I'm hoping that made sense, a killer head cold has invaded my mind. :(


  • bojo600


  • Blendiac

    I'd like to second what Sam asked above, where he asked about the length and type of the articles. Are you wanting entries similar to what we normally read on BlenderNation, or are you looking at some new longer format? If you're looking for something longer, how long?


    @TWS Admin, if you want to show "great writing skills" you may wish to capitalize your "I"'s ;P

  • TWS Admin.

    Thanks for the reminder. I sometimes forget to do some very minor issues. at least my typing is not as bad as my handwriting :).

  • Luks

    "include references to at least three Blender-related articles that you have written"
    Do those articles have to be already submitted on Blendernation or can we create them form scratch?


  • Milad Thaha

    @Blendiac @Sam
    The standard this site has, I suppose. Plus, he has asked applicants to send in articles, which he would evaluate. Maybe he knows what it should be like.

    I'm so tempted to apply; Wish this happened around last August or so. Had my internship going on then and was practically living inside BA.

    I'm quite sure this is on a first-come-first-serve basis?

  • Bart

    @Sam I don't want to use a word length, but rather a sensible article length. The current posts should be a good guideline.

    @Luks Not necessarily to BlenderNation. If you're a passionate Blender writer, I would expect you have already written some stuff before now, so please point to some work you made in the past.

    @Milad Thaha No, I'll wait a few days before I start evaluating candidates. I'll select based on the application itself, and on the quality of the referenced articles. From the shortlist I'll do some interviews to find out what kind of person a writer is. I want to avoid hiring people who quit within 4 weeks (although, of course, you'll have to work for a horrible boss! ;-)

  • Bart

    @Sam Ah sorry, I had forgotten to answer your other question: same here - I don't use Blender for very complex stuff, but it's easy to see if another project would be interesting to the rest of the community. BlenderNation is about reporting what's going on, not so much creating original content (although I would like to add that in the future, if possible).

  • mr.burns


    what please is ragequitting? Google says nothing and leo neither :-(


  • mr.burns


    what please is ragequitting? Google says nothing and leo neither :-(


  • required

    If you find them, keep them as precious rock... Maybe juvenile reporters hop in, since $5 writing-time isn't enough and before writing comes....

    @mr.burns: You could have looked for 'ragequit' or separately for 'rage' and 'quit', then the meaning "Work yourself in a hole and ragequiting" would show itself ain't it? If not -> Bring yourself in a position you can't escape from other than to quit, since you brought the chaotic part (seeing no return/way back), the quiting will be in a rage... ;) Hope this helps.

  • Aman b



    and thanks to pointing
    next time i'll take care of that while making short comments too. :D

  • Rafael

    So, we need to write 10 articles per week. That means we can write, for example, 10 articles in a day and then assign them to be published over the remaining five days? Or are we required to write two articles per day and publish them on the same day?
    Another question, how much of this job is browsing the internet searching for good material? About what amount of time do you expect we spend on each article, on average?

  • Milad Thaha


    If you have been a long time visitor of this website, you'll easily understand what is actually required. It doesn't matter how much time or effort you spend on the article; what is really needed is news; if you think there's something new that the general Blender Community would benefit from knowing, it goes here.

    Browse this site backwards for example and you'd see news that's long enough to fit 3-4 for publication magazine pages to single lines. But both are the same thing; news.

    However it is done, the thing we have to make sure is that its understood by the reader; also it shouldn't be too long to bore him/her out.

    Probably the word would be 'adequate'.

    Hope it clarifies some of your doubts.

  • Rafael

    Yeah, it's as I though, thanks for the reply;)

  • Vexelius

    Well, this is a great opportunity to do something for the Blender community. I would love to apply for the job, as I have been a regular in the Blender community for a pretty long time (I started using it around the time where we all cooperated to make it free and open source, and met venomgfx in the first spanish forum for the software) and have a good experience both in wordpress and the english language.

    But... I don't have any published article about Blender in english. At least, not currently online, as the sites where I used to publish them have been offline for more than a year. I have made translations of english articles (such as Brandon Phoenix' "Demistifying the Art of videogames") to spanish and written articles on other topics in english, but I don't know if those would be enough to qualify.

  • rorkimaru

    Dang, should have written a few articles about blender, ah well, maybe next time ^_^

  • Luks

    I already applied by email, if I don't get an answer within a week, do I apply again?

  • FloridaJo

    Hire me. I promise to show up late every day, take breaks longer than 15 minutes, surf at work all day,
    leave 15 min early, complain about the benefits, complain my computer is too slow and need an upgrade,
    will ask why you don't appreciate everything I do, and surf some more. I also promise to fill my lunch salad
    with huge bulbs of garlic.
    But I'll be the most honest employee you ever had.

  • Peter

    lol FloridaJo, gave me a good laugh there! This is a great, positive and useful site. Hope you find some good people to help you with some of the workload!

  • Dlax

    That's great news! We could always use more BlenderNation!

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