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Tricycle by Joel Wagner

Joel modeled the tricycle with Blender 2.5 and then rendered it in Luxrender 0.7.1   "I let it run overnight, it ended up running for about 16 hours and got up to 15k S/px at a resolution of 1000x750. I used a single hemi/environment lamp with an HDRI for lighting. " He added some post processing with Photoshop. In addition to the render Joel  created a completely working 3D printed model  at Shapeways. You can view the video below.

(click to enlarge)


  • Whimsy Collective

    Great render you have there Joel Wagner!

  • Alexsani

    I am rather impressed at how fully functional this is. Nice!


  • kABHIr

    awesome render keep it up!

  • 3dementia

    Looks perfect, both the render and the printed model. I don't know who is more impressive, Joel or Shapeways. Kudos.

  • Chu

    Tricycle! Tricycle! Tricycle! I want to ride that tricycle!

    Hah first time seeing Blender with 3D printing. That tricycle would make an awesome toy. :D

  • Reaction

    Firstly, let me say I am ignorant of the technicalities of rendering. So why does Luxrender need 16 hours to do this (with plenty of noise still visible), when Blender's internal renderer can achieve very, very close to this quality in minutes? I know there is some extraordinarily complex maths going on, but it seems to add an impractically large overhead for a relatively small increase in quality?

    NB: Nice model though, especially the hard copy! Are you going to paint it?

  • Niels

    awsome, how much would the shapeways guys charge for a full scale version??

  • Energyoverflow

    Hi all!

    Nice render and this 3D printing is really a fun stuff.
    But will we quote every single model that was created in Blender?
    If so, check out mines at :)
    Some are pretty good others aren't.

    Sorry if I was harsh.
    All the Best,

  • rorkimaru

    I'm not doing backflips over the render but the printed trike is very impressive

  • Mike

    Dude Joel! Nice work, that has to be the most intricate DIY-model I've seen.

    @Reaction: Yeah Luxrender renders with noise for a long time - its no secret.

  • Artorp

    Awesome render Joel!

    That's because unbiased renderers like LuxRender does raw actual simulations of how light should physically bounce around in a scene, while biased renderers like BI use other techniques to "fake" the lightning, such as the shadows and ambient occlusion. They both have their uses, LuxRender will never replace BI and vice versa.

  • roofoo

    Thanks everybody! Yes Luxrender will render as long as you let it, i just stopped it when I felt the noise has cleared up enough. I can go back and start rendering again and it will pick up where it left off.

    @energyoverflow: no offense taken. I posted my render on Blendernation's facebook page and Tim asked if he could post it. So maybe you should post over there and get people to see your models!


  • Noctambulo

    Hi Joel, this is great!!, good model, and good texturing too. Keep on :)

  • pablo

    it is a real Render :P

  • kungshoefighter

    Damn that's nice! How about using it as the splash screen for the final release of Blender 2.5? It so shiny and new it would fit perfectly. If we could vote for a second mascot alongside Suzanne the somehow funny but ugly monkey I would vote for the red tricycle.

  • Moolah

    I hope that Blender Developers will make some "fake caustics" within Blender Internal + OpenCL boost. Am I right that Modo's engine isn't unbiased? (just mentioned this because it has good caustics and a good rendering speed... but all Modo is like a trap :))) )

  • Moolah

    mmm! Nice 3d print tough! :) I'm not pissing on a ceiling over this render but the 3d print is really cute :)
    Let me guess... It's like a "chokolate egg" - small details in a flat bunch so you got the real economy using assembling.
    Now you need to paint it over and add some tiny hair bundles on handles :)
    Some day I try 3d printing - I like it :)

  • Alberto

    Amazing render!!!

  • TweakingKnobs

    16 hours ?

    i can do that on my machine in 5 minutes with octane...

    but great job !

  • roofoo

    Yeah, but octane doesn't work with ATI cards. :P

  • claas

    Bah I those rendering in Blender internal in 30 seconds.

    Pretty sweet model - is the mesh just put into each other for the rendering
    or is it build water tight? Inside the video it looks like all parts are working including foot rest on the pedals.

    Man 3D printing is so fun ... Use next time the ZCopr printer with color and then you can
    sand and polish it ;)

  • brokenjack

    I can actually render that backwards in time with Fluxrender.

  • Yaniv Gershoni

    Great results!!!
    I done this model too, it was my first complex model...
    you can see the results here:
    I do this in the Blender internal, It's took me a long time to render in my old (very) PC...

  • Steve

    Really cool, render is nice enough.
    What tips could you give us as to creating a model that printed so nicely in 3D?
    Like :
    measurements used
    was the sepearte pieces (pedals, wheels, axles etc) printed seperately or the whole model printed in one pass?

    thanks for sharing.

  • roofoo

    Thanks Yaniv, nice trike!

    Steve: basically it depends on the clearance requirements for the 3D printer and material you use. Shapeways has a bunch of tutorials on how to design mechanical parts.

    So just make sure all your parts have at least the minimum clearance of 0.6mm between them when you model, and it ought to work.

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