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Effects Compilation by Nion


There isn't any sound with these but I thought they were interesting enough to publish


  1. Seriously, I kept cussing while watching those vids. I almost had my jaw dropped on the ground. Those demos are really really amazing. Impressive what Blender could do in the right hands. :)


  2. ghoughpteaubteau on

    Everyone knows. The poor guy gets inundated with constant and never ending requests for tutorials and most of the time, those requests are spelled incorrectly.

    Of course, that would be fine, if he didn't have a tried and proven format that was a million times better than the brain-dead step by steps everyone keeps asking him for.

    It's a series of videos demonstrating experiments and explaining the mechanics and ideas behind them. 4-5 in a show.

    Also it's definitely Daniel Widmann. Not cool blender nation.

  3. Wow. I didn't expect to see my vids here on BlenderNation. Thanks a lot for posting them here. I really appreciate that.

    Some tutorials will probably follow. But I have to focus on other stuff currently. Don't expect anything soon (really this could take a while...).

  4. Lol, have we found an absolute master of blender particle systems?
    Tell us, how many hours of particle sim does one need to go through to achieve stuff like that?
    ... very inspiring

  5. Compilation 1, second 55 looks promising for making an oil burner simulation.
    Imagine a modlating burner, showing what it does on your domotics touch screen.

  6. Are these all done with built-in blender 2.5x? or were there some scripts, or mods or hacks? I wonder this because of the demonstration of blending two different colors of smoke together, and the particle fire simulation.

  7. Samuel: It's all built-in Blender 2.5x, no scripts, no hacks, no mods.

    Blending of two different colors of smoke can be achieved by mapping colors to the heat.

    The particle fire is no simulation but rather a cool trick to fake the looks of fire.

  8. Because of the never ending questions I get about this two videos, I decided to add some annotations to them. I know they can't replace a good tutorial, but you can't expect me to answer every one of your questions with a tutorial either.

  9. Daniel, thanks a lot! These tips in comments are precious! People, don't need to answer lazies - it's a waste of time. It's not hard to search basic tutorials on BlenderArtists to find how to handle particles and force fields.
    The hardest part - ideas how to implement such amazing effects without special scripts and etc.
    So I think, Nion - you did this very well and no need to spend a lot of time to explain all your tricks in tutorials :)
    For those who just starting using particle systems I recommend to visit this site:
    There are also great tips about SoftBody - things that I couldn't get to understand before. Thanks to Antonio Gessi!

  10. Tim Formica [Room335] are you able to change the link (URL) of this article to say ... "by Nion" as it's not my work. I follow this youtube channel. So, I simply found it and shared it in Facebook; that's all. I just realized this after Googling my name and I saw that it's in Blendernation 'O.O`

    @Nion great work! Lastly; the annotations, kudos to you. I'm really appreciative of that.

    If you have Facebook and part of the Blender Knowledge Base group here's where I posted link.

    Kindest regards to all

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