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Big Buck Bunny sighting: Google Nexus S Phone

This one has been flooding our inbox: the webpage for Google's new Nexus S Phone shows the Big Buck Bunny trailer to illustrate the 'Entertainment on the Go' section.


  • Milad Thaha

    Go Blender, GO!

  • Pawel

    Yes, nice, but maybe we should stop those sightings, what do you think? It looks a bit like jumping at every scrap of news that is somehow Blender-related, as if the community had serious self-esteem issues :)
    "You know, my uncle mentioned Blender when he was shaving" ;)
    I mean it's fun and all, but maybe it should no longer make the headlines here. Let's have our "dignity" :)
    Blender is pretty-well known already, we need not get excited over every bit of acknowledgement that it exists. I wonder if I'm alone in this sentiment?

  • Alex

    @Pawel I understand where you're coming from. I find the sightings interesting though, as it mainly shows where the open content created by the Blender Foundation is used. It seems like when it comes to "free" full HD content the Blender movies are very popular!

  • Grandmaster B

    Here is Proog Elephants Dream in the first video at 16:20 with realtime "lip-sync":

  • Daniel

    Big 'Bug' Bunny?

    Always cool to see BBB pop up!

  • epima

    yeah, nice catch ;-)

  • Lucas

    Please correct the title. He's not Bugs Bunny :/

  • Eages

    A Google phone uses blender movies in it's advertisements!? SOLD!

  • Middlefinger

    @Daniel Lol didn't notice that

  • Jens

    Big "Bug" Bunny is a name given to a bug in a crappy german tablet PC (Wetab) where, after a software update, every user video on the device was replaced with the Big Buck Bunny video.

  • Markus

    @Pawel I want this kind of news... this shows how good open content is for all of industry and us - everybody that wants to use it can do so without asking. Try this with Micky Mouse and I'm sure you get a law suit after just one minute after you publish...

  • Moolah

    Actually this "bug context" isn't so funny! It may be funny between a game (or a program) creators when they are talking about their OWN creature and their well known issues. But not this. It's a crap reference that a free software must be full of bugs - not a commercial one. EVERY software is full of bugs in the middle of a development, especially.
    So it's not about licensing - it's about slander.
    Guys who have a free time to write few words to those crappy jokers - you may ask them to remove such pics with bad names. It's not a big deal but if you want to harras some idiots - I think that you may do it with a clear conscience.

  • blendNmix

    Pawel: +10

  • Tynach

    Anyone notice that it says that BBB is 'Coming Soon'?

  • Joey

    Haha on a other mobile device XD

    I also saw BBB on the Archos Android tablets in Big Buy when i was over in America.
    Got a video somewhere

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