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'10 CG Shorts You Must See'

3D World Magazine features '10 CG Shorts You Must See'. Big Buck Bunny is on it!

From the article:

If you need a quick blast of inspiration to spur you on, try some of 3D World’s top 10 best CG short films.

There’s plenty of great CG shorts out there, every summer new student showreels arrive, every new Pixar film has a short offering attached – not to mention the number of commercials, virals, video game trailers and arch-viz animations that find their way into the public domain.

Because of this, in issue 137 of 3D World magazine, we counted down the 100 CG shorts you must see, including all these different avenues for short-form CG work to come through. As a teaser, read on and watch our absolute favourite top ten short animations.

To see the ful top-100, you'll need to purchase the magazine.



  • Pawel

    It's 100, not 10, right?

  • Pawel

    OK, I get it, online they offer 10, but in the magazine there are 100.

  • MartianR

    Chris Landreth's 'Ryan' at number 2. A few years old, but still my personal favourite. Very poignant.

  • mookie

    Great news! BBB was the best short made in Blender so far!

  • joeri67


    To have BBB next to Day&Night is ... well... amazing!

    That must be a good kick for Sacha Goedegebure, move to LA and let the good times roll man!

  • RNS

    BBB is and will be the best animated short ever!however I feel that blender good days are now over.. Blender 2.50 development change everything.

  • Milad Thaha

    Wrong. Its definitely going the right way, like it or not. Sintel is technically more advanced than BBB, anyday.

  • MartianR

    Strangely, Joshua Beveridge's awesome and really funny 'Things that go bump in the night' isn't mentioned in the list ...

  • Jeb

    That is amazing. I can't believe that's not real. These guys should make a video about a person flying without any wings or a rocket pack or anything. that would be cool.

  • JW

    Killer Bean 2 a 'must-see'? I do not take this list or magazine any longer seriously.

  • TomsT

    Killer Bean 2 was made with Animation Master, which I purchased regularly until version 13.
    The initial idea using splines is quite nice and the focus on character animation was great.
    But I feel their development just stalled a few years ago and so did the animations done with it.
    Tin man of Oz is a far cry from Big Buck Bunny. Guess they should have made it open source.
    It's all Blender for me now !!

  • namekuseijin

    Day & Night is one of the most weak Pixar shorts ever.

  • MartianR
  • RNS

    Milad Thaha Sintel is technically more advanced than BBB-yes,but the heart and fun was not there. Sintel was a rush job to impress and it did well,now BBB will always be use in the spot light in spite of Sintel achievement. As for technically advanced Maya still is the king follow by 3Dmax ,Softimage and Messiah.So what blender need now is a "Heart" to
    to create a beautiful 3D world. Remember this - When society advance new rules change old rules.

  • kram2301

    Heh, a not-linkified link once again? :)
    Third time in two weeks if I'm not mistaken :P
    (Could be that I slightly mix up the dates though)

  • joorva


    of course BBB is magnificent piece of animation and really great achievement in blender world, but I must disagree that all that greatness passed away with 2.5 development. Without rewriting blender to its actual form the further development of the 2.4 series would go nowhere. Now BF is preparing a solid base, which will be much more extensible and dev-friendly.

    About Sintel - personally i think its a great short, however i've liked the story and the general effect more than the technical side of the animation (to be honest, it was a bit behind the BBB - more hard to create, but overall effect is a bit worse). In my opinion Ton started Durian to early. There should be release of debugged 2.5 first (on the one side because of the team's work comfort, on the other side because of marketing reasons - people takes 2.5 BETA as a finished product, which sometimes leaves them disappointed).

  • adam
  • Boscoe

    I'm confused... this appears to be some sort of scam... they make it sound like you'll get to "see" the top 100 CG shorts, but it looks like it's just an article with a list of them. Big deal.

  • joeri67

    " they make it sound like you’ll get to “see” the top 100 CG shorts "

    Lol, really? is that what you think if it states you must see? I guess you are right.
    But you better not watch teleshopping, it's full of stuff you must have.

  • tyrant monkey

    @Boscoe try buying the magazine, what they have on their website is just a teaser you are actually supposed to buy the magazine if you want to see the whole 100. And if you want to watch the shorts google them it not that hard

  • peter

    can't we just declare a moratorium for 1 year on cg where no one gets hurt?--no bombs, no laser guns, no swords, no violence?

  • Wasa

    BBB is still my favorite blender movie yet

    sadly that image metrics one in the top 10, was not even .5 secs to realize i wasn't looking at a person
    but, that's a high bar to reach
    maybe soon we'll see real to life digital actors

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