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Real-time 3D scanning with the Kinect controller

Maybe this can inspire someone?


  • Blenderificus

    impressive, any links to source on this? git or otherwise?

  • Erik Crins


    Just my thought: Woukld it be possible to connect three-four Kinects to 'fill' the black 'shadows'? And thus create a full 3D environment in realtime?

  • Nick Clarke


    The source + more videos are on his website:

    There are also some more videos on his you tube channel:

  • nathanielnw

    I can think of a whole lot of 3D related things the Kinect could be useful for, but honestly, more than anything I can't wait for Minority Report style computer control!

  • nathanielnw

    Also see this Youtube channel:
    they seem to be re-uploading all the cool Kinect hack videos from around Youtube.

  • Blendiac

    @Erik - Unfortunately the signals that Kinekt's transmit (non-visible spectrum light) create interference with each other as each unit can't tell which signal belongs to it, and which belongs to another unit. You could get away with using multiple units, one at a time on a stationary subject though (ie have one in front, one on either side, one above and one below and then take snapshots with each, one after the other, for a full 3d scan. It wouldn't work properly with moving subjects such as mocap though.

  • tin2tin

    He released some software:

  • ShoePie

    That's very exciting, so how long until we have a motion capture system in Blender? :0)

  • Scott

    Wow, this Kinect thingy seems to be very usefull. I still wonder why MS does not want it to be used on PCs...

  • phil

    How about using Shapeways to print pose-able armature for a 3D model. Then using Kinect to detect its pose and transfer it to an armature in blender.

  • macouno

    Excellent! But.... now the big one I'm waiting for... Can we mocap with the kinect???

    If anyone sees that, please do let me know, cause as soon as that's possible, I'm running out to the store to get me one!

  • Spacetug

    Mocap with this would be pretty sweet, as that's basically what it's designed for.
    Writing/porting the algorithms it uses would be a lot of work though, probably.

  • month3d

    @macouno, afaik the recognizing of bones of the human body is done inside the xbox, with some closed source software. I don't know if there is any to extract that kind of data from it, maybe in the form of an homebrew game or something? If it is possible to recognize stuff with xna gamestudios, there might be a way to extract it somehow? just thinking out loud here :)

  • ibkanat

    I have been looking into this here are some links I have found for motion capture.
    and I need to do a bit more research but some on used blob and opencv to get some effect.

  • Moolah

    Oh! shit! Mind blowing )) First I thought that it's just an overlayed effect but when he started to rotate the room's space... Incredible )) It's feeling like you're a ghost :)

  • jonas|h

    There is developing at the openframework front as well:
    by Theo:

    Hope we will have soon nice ways to import point clouds for 3D Scanning, or live feed for Augmented Reality in the BGE. MoCap would be of course very cool... but this is wishful thinking.

  • Ripsting

    I was also thinking of this interference with other Kinect units. I wonder, in a multiple Kinect setup, if you could replace the IR emitters so that each would have its own non-overlapping wavelength. The IR filters for the camera sensors would need to be replaced as well. I wonder how far into the infrared spectrum the cameras are capable of reaching.

  • ibkanat

    Point clouds to meshes is possible in blender 2.49 I think. I know that meshlab is able to use several methods to change points clouds to meshes. Here are several links about that. (can create mesh and texture from photos) Doesnt work great for me Workflow for getting meshes from photos
    and last but not least. Libmv is able to now to create a point cloud(.ply) from photos though it is not that intuitive.

  • ibkanat

    I wonder if you could up the setup a hd feed next to the kinect and combine the depth map and rgb with a filtered(edge?) hd feed to get a nicer key.

  • Thomas

    What does the Kinect (Hardware) do other than run two webcams?

  • Brad Cathey

    I believe MS stated that the 360 was just the beginning for the Kinect. I would be surprised if the didn't eventually add it for the PC.

  • Eibriel

    then you can "touch" virtual objects and do things!!

    Or writte in a virtual board...

  • jonas|h

    @Thomas: The kinect hardware is actually an infrared projector, thats projects points, a infrared camera thats sees the points, to calculate the depth map and a webcam for the image/texture...


  • MasterEric

    The room is the 3d model! :O

  • Niko40

    Now that's a reason to buy Kinect... I happen to have X360 but rather use the pc. Anyhow, this has some potential and I would very much support Microsoft by buying this piece of hardware. ...Now we just need to think some cases where we would need a realtime 3D input on such a large scale...

  • Novaspire

    To use two or more in the same area I wonder if you could use polarising filters on the IR sender and reciever. On the first kinect have the polarising filters on send and receive at the same orientation, on the second have them at a different rotation. Only question is whether the filters would attenuate the IR beam too much.

  • Dread Knight


  • jonas|h

    another video:


  • Zecc

    This doesn't really qualify as a Blender spotting, but here you go:

  • Zaerer

    Where can I buy this device?

  • Zaerer

    Where can I buy this device?

  • Allie

    Walking in the prensece of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

  • Jonathan Hilairet

     You can try PhotoFly .
    With this program, you can take 2D pictures of an object and it will make a 3D model of it automatically !!
    Look at some videos on YouTube it is just amazing!

  • Bmmohio

    I would love to have a buyable software that allows a person to collect data  from 2-3 kinects at the same time and put data into a full 3d-4d spectrum.

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